Start trading in your coffee mugs for iced drinks, people. When the mercury starts to rise, iced tea is the way to go! After you’ve infused your tea with fruit, fresh herbs and natural sweetener, you’ll have a bunch of awesome drink options that are just as delicious as those $6 whatever-accinos. Put the kettle on, and check out these 25 tea recipes for the ultimate in springtime refreshment.

1. Strawberry Basil Iced Tea: Add fresh strawberries and herbs like basil or mint to your tea for one refreshing and hydrating drink. (via Martha Stewart)

2. Ginger Detox Tea: The ginger and cayenne in this tea will help your digestion, boost your metabolism and give you a jump start on a spring diet. It’s served hot here, but that’s nothing a few cubes can’t cool down. (via Free People)

3. Peach Iced Tea: Sweet tea full of fresh peach flavor will quickly become your favorite spring drink. (via Jelly Toast)

4. Thai Iced Tea Float: Are you a fan of Thai ice tea? Well just wait until you try it poured over homemade ice cream… yum. (via Honestly Yum)

5. Lavender Earl Grey: Adding a bit of floral and a hint of honey to your Earl Grey creates a delightful mix that tastes great warm or iced. (via Food Babbles)

6. Blackberry Mint Tea: Use black tea as the base, then muddle fresh mint and blackberries together for this lovely tea infusion. (via Noel Barnhurst)

7. Rhubarb Iced Tea: A simple syrup made with rhubarb gives tea a slightly tart flavor and a gorgeous pink color. (via Not Without Salt)

8. Grapefruit Tea: Go ahead and throw some ice in there. When you combine grapefruit and cinnamon, you get a powerful boost toward your weight-loss goals. (via Whole Living)

9. Earl Grey Cocktail: This mild drink with a touch of lavender, simple honey syrup and lemon is easy to prep before guests start to arrive. Punch bowl, anyone? (via Sugar and Charm)

10. Mint Lime Tea Cooler: White tea, fresh mint and sparkling water make for a light and delicious drink. (via Baked Bree)

11. Matcha Mint Iced Tea: Fresh herbs are sprouting up everywhere. Put them to use in a refreshing matcha drink. Instead of whisking your matcha, shake it up with ice, mint and lime juice for a healthy caffeine boost. (via Love and Lemons)

12. Iced Green Tea Mojito: The perfect spring cocktail with green tea , fresh mint, lime, a handful of baby arugula and some raw sugar. If you don’t drink alcohol, just leave out the rum for a delicious mocktail. (via Skinny Taste)

13. Hibiscus Earl Grey Iced Tea: The addition of hibiscus flowers gives this Earl Grey iced tea a gorgeous fuchsia color and a cranberry-like tartness that is excellent left unsweetened. (via The Kitchn)

14. Loaded Hibiscus Arnold Palmers: Truly summer in a glass, this drink is made with homemade lemonade, fresh hibiscus tea, blueberries, mint and sweetened with agave nectar. (via Vegetarian Ventures)

15. Cranberry Zinger: With a hint of mint and fruit, this tart and tangy drink is full of antioxidants and electrolytes. (via Some the Wiser)

16. Tazo Lemon Zen Iced Tea: Tazo Zen green tea gives a hint of spearmint to a zesty drink. Enjoy plain or add honey for extra sweetness. (via Waiting on Martha)

17. Ginger Tea: Alright, we’re throwing one warm elixir in there for all the sickos out there. If spring is throwing a bout of allergies, colds or the flu your way, try this healthy tea that will clear congestion and soothe tummies. (via Pop Sugar)

18. Garden Tea Punch: This fizzy punch is made with fresh orange and lemon juice along with mint, black tea and club soda. (via BHG)

19. Black Forest Iced Tea: Full of flavor, this black tea has cherry juice, a bit of cocoa and cinnamon. Serve over ice with maraschino cherries and a dash of cream if you’re feeling fancy. (via Mother Earth Living)

20. Cranberry Raspberry Lime Tea: Herbal tea can pack an extra bit of zing thanks to fresh lime. Add stevia for natural sweetness that keeps your iced tea pure and simple. (via Better with Cake)

21. Pomegranate White Tea Sparkler: Light and sparkly, this cocktail has lovely ingredients like fresh pomegranate seeds and pomegranate white tea. Add sparkling water instead of champagne if you’re looking for a non-alcoholic drink. (via Beautiful Booze)

22. Cinnamon Honey Green Tea Smoothie: Smoothies are a way to pack in the nutrition when you’re short on time, and this low-calorie drink is here to assist. Green tea brings the caffeine, cinnamon boosts your metabolism and honey regulates sugar levels, making this the perfect afternoon pick-me-up! (via Fit Sugar)

23. Apple and Rose Iced Tea: This light, floral tea is made with pretty rosebuds and sweetened with apple juice. (via Cooking With Humility)

24. Limonata Iced Tea: Kick that old Arnold Palmer up a notch by adding Limonata to black tea! (via Brit + Co.)

25. Raspberry Lemon Iced Tea: Pick your favorite tea as a base — black or green — then muddle fresh lemons and raspberries for a pretty-in-pink drink. (via Playful Cooking)

Which of these recipes has you putting the kettle on? Let us know in the comments below!