As we all mourn summer’s end with a big ol’ collective sigh, it helps to take a moment to think about what we have to look forward to this fall, like these uber-inspiring decor trends. Sure, the lazy days of barbecues, basking at the beach and summer shindigs are coming to a close, but that also means tailgating, cozy layers and Instababe-approved fall looks are on the horizon! There’s really no better way for you to shake off the summertime blues than to pick up these cool autumn trends for your home. With bright accents, fluffy textures and welcoming hues aplenty, there’s all kinds of stuff to get excited about this season!

Bright accents

1. Bright Accents: This season is all about the pop. As whites and creams take center stage for building a design foundation, bright accents will make your style come alive. Bold throw pillows, bright prints and vivid vases are an easy and economical way to make a colorful splash. (via The Design Files)

Fluffy texture

2. Fun Textures: The shaggy styles of the ’70s are making a modern comeback. Fluffy rugs and textured throws abound this season, making your Netflix binge sessions all the more luxe. (via Stylecaster)

Geometric prints

3. Geometric Prints: The trend continues! Geometric prints, wallpaper and textiles are all vying for space in your room this fall. (via Murals Wallpaper)

Global patterns

4. Global Patterns: Speaking of patterns, this season they’re going worldwide. Native American tapestries and Turkish rugs are a great way to add intrigue and color to your decor. (via Emily Henderson)

Mineral prints

5. Mineral Prints: Bring the natural vibes of the outdoors in with mineral prints. And because Mother Nature comes in so many colors, you can bet you’ll find the perfect print to delight your unique style sensibilities. (via ShineHouseCollective)

Modern chandelier

6. Modern Chandeliers: This season, standard lighting is getting a makeover. A modern chandelier is a super easy way to make a style statement with little muss or fuss. (via Design Sponge)


7. Retro Details: You might’ve noticed that many 2017 trends are coming with a blast from the past, and this idea is no exception. Incorporating retro pieces into an overall modern design will add more depth and layers to any look. (via Visual Heart)


8. Wallpaper: Who knew that wallpaper could look so chic? Evidently, 2017 tastemakers did. Wallpaper in dreamy colors and lively landscapes are gracing the walls of a whole range of modern design aesthetics, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Oh, the possibilities! (via Wallpaper Webstore)

White and metallic

9. Mixed Metals: We’re obsessed with the metallic mixing and matching this season. Free yourself of the idea that metals need to match, and pair rose gold accents with silver and gold details until your little heart’s content! (via Better Homes and Gardens)

10. All White Everything: What goes better with mixed and matched metals than white? Not a thing. Whites are taking over as foundational colors this season, and they’re a blank slate just begging to be dazzled with metals. Or pops of color. Or pretty much anything else on this list.

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