Once the last cobweb and skeletal garland has been put away, the fall season heads into a more subtle decorating phase. We’re talking about that phase in between pumpkins having faces and pumpkin guts turning into delish pumpkin desserts. But don’t print off those “give thanks” printables just yet. Here are 22 table decor ideas that you can leave up the entire month of November and reuse on the big T-day. Seriously, with a tablescape this pretty, you’re going to want to have several dinner parties before Thanksgiving rolls around.

1. Jewel Tones: Fall colors are some of our all-time faves. Brighten up an all-white table with copper-striped pumpkins, bright pink and yellow flowers and a few branches of blueish sage for a truly romantic table setting. (via Homey Oh My)

2. Air Plant Decor: Air plants for fall decor? We are all over that. Pass on the usual maple leaf decorations and bring a fresh, modern look to your autumnal decorations by adding a few air plants to each plate setting. (via Craft and Couture)

3. Candlestick Centerpiece: Embrace the fall color palette without any of that messy dried leaf business with this collection of DIY painted candlesticks. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

4. Gold Corn Place Holders: Any time you grab a seasonal vegetable and cover it in gold paint, it will be a #winning look. Whether you go for pumpkins, pears or an ear of corn, produce (especially the plastic variety) is a cheap and clever fall decoration. (via Freutcake)

5. Feather Decor: Grab some empty metal cans and transform them into a fun, feathery arrangement. The muted blue color is a usual choice for autumn decor, but also goes well with “bouquets” of feathers, cattails and painted pumpkins. (via Design Improvised)

6. Gold Confetti Pumpkins: If the Halloween craze got you a little burned out on the color orange, color your pumpkins white for the rest of the season and glam them up with some strips of golden confetti. (via Homey Oh My)

7. Metallic Accents: Adding clear glass candlesticks and silvery candles helps break up the rustic-ness of a pumpkin centerpiece and gives the table a more formal vibe. (via Pottery Barn Kids)

8. Clothespin Name Holders: Technically these crazy-easy place holders could even last you until Christmas — just replace the fall berries with a little sprig of pine and you’re all set. (via Censational Girl)

9. Antler Centerpiece: The antler decor craze is actually pretty perfect for fall centerpieces. All you need to complete the look is some very inexpensive items like leaves, branches and flowers from outside. If you can’t find white pumpkins, there is no shame in taking some spray paint to those orange ones out on the porch. (via Sand and Sisal)

10. Succulent Centerpiece: Put those summer succulents to work in your fall centerpiece by carving a little space in a pumpkin. Instead of the traditional pumpkin vase full of flowers, this low-maintenance setup really could last you all the way until Thanksgiving. (via Simply Happenstance)

11. Upcycled Fall Centerpieces: If your budget tends to go more toward Halloween and Christmas, you can still have a fall-themed table for next to nothing. All you need are household items like bottles or candlesticks and some spray paint to make a simple statement piece. (via Place of My Taste)

12. Green and White: Take your fall floral arrangement down a notch and lose the vase altogether. Normally hydrangeas are associated with summer, but the green and red blossoms add a nice frilly touch to this white and orange pumpkin centerpiece. (via Ella Claire)

13. Dried Leaf Garland: This DIY really couldn’t be much easier. Get some dried leaves — the ones from the craft store are more durable, but you could always use ones from your yard — paint them your favorite fall shades and then string them together to make a garland or scatter them across the table like confetti. (via A Fabulous Fete)

14. Painted Pumpkins: Learn how to make a pumpkin into a vase with this simple tutorial. The mini pumpkins are perfect for a table centerpiece, and we love the idea of painting them different shades of dusty blue. (via Bride Link)

15. Simply Delicious: Lose the pumpkins and go for bright, shiny apples instead. Add a simple table runner and a few white candles and you’ve got a classic centerpiece that will look good all season long. (via Julie Blanner)

16. Glitter Pumpkins: DIY a few of these mini glitter pumpkins for everyone’s place setting at your fall dinner parties. (via Snapguide)

17. DIY Twig Candle Holders: These rustic-chic candle holders are perfect for brightening up your table and could easily transition all the way into Christmas. Keep the twigs natural, or paint them gold or white, depending on the look you want. (via Freutcake)

18. Gold-Dipped Pears: Skip the pumpkins and make these simple, gold-dipped pear place cards for your next dinner party. You can pick up fake fruit at the dollar store and give it a super glam makeover with just a few coats of spray paint. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

19. Stamped Feather Place Cards: Pick up a few bags of feathers and stamp everyone’s names onto them. Keep all the names of friends right on hand in a feather “bouquet” for impromptu dinner parties and funny gift toppers. (via PB Teen)

What is your favorite way to decorate during the fall? Share your favorite ideas in the comments below!