Would you use an app that allowed strangers to give you that second opinion we all desire when deciding on new outfits, hairstyles and makeup? That is the idea behind the new feature of the style and shopping app The Hunt. Users of The Hunt already know and love how the app lets you track down the latest in clothing and beauty trends, with its members offering suggestions on where to acquire those items.

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This new feature takes things a bit further. Members are able to upload photos of themselves wearing clothing and beauty trends, allowing the community to offer opinions and advice. That’s right, real people can yay or nay an outfit, hair color or makeup style that you are contemplating. The great thing about this feature is that, unlike uber-positive and flattering family members and SOs, strangers owe you no such courtesy, and could deliver more thought-provoking and honest responses.


So how does it work? It’s pretty simple, actually. Just take a photo of yourself modeling the item, makeup or outfit in question, and then upload them to the app and pose the question that you want answered. Be sure to give enough context and information to help the community make an informed choice.

And in case you were wondering if people actually weigh in, wonder no more. Allure Magazine reported that opinion-based questions are getting 80 opinions within a 24-hour period, and 10-15 responses with the first few minutes of posting.

Would you let a stranger give their opinion on your wardrobe or appearance? Say why or why not in our comments below.