Over the past few weeks, Twitter has gained a lot of attention for its policies on harassment. It can be argued that the whole debacle started when Leslie Jones announced she was going to leave the network because of the 140-character vitriol she received. And Twitter is now FINALLY starting to respond. Yesterday, the social network announced that it is rolling out new ways to avoid harassment online.

Users can now limit notifications solely to people they follow, so you can only get notifications from the people you want to interact with. Or, by checking the “quality filter” in notifications settings, everybody can now filter out those terrible, troll-y messages before you get a chance to even read them. The filter will take out “duplicate Tweets or content that appears to be automated,” according to Twitter. These two features were previously only for verified accounts.

So none of the features are exactly new, and trolls will still be allowed to roam free on Twitter, they just won’t pop up in your notifications. Although it’s not a complete fix to the harassment issues that seem to be growing ever-prevalent on Twitter, it’s a great first step toward protecting all users — verified or not.

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