We may all be deeply focused on the current presidential election sitch between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — how can we not be with such controversial debates and iconic inspiration?! — but that doesn’t mean that the current administration isn’t still busy making some seriously awesome strides forward. Just this past Friday, President Obama signed the Babies Act, and you’re definitely going to want to know what it means for parents.

President Obama with baby

The Babies Act (cutest act out there, no doubt, at least going by the name), is technically called the Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation Act (not as cute, but we still approve). The new law makes it mandatory for baby changing stations to be available in all bathrooms of public buildings. Sound like something that should already be commonplace? Well, yep! But most men’s room are lacking, and that’s not cool.

Men are just as likely to be out with their little ones alone and may find themselves in need of a decent and clean changing area. Or, even if they’re out with a woman, she shouldn’t have to change a diaper merely because she’s the lady.

President Obama with baby, Prime Minister Trudeau

Though the law only applies to public buildings for now, we have to hope that it will spark a more common trend for establishments and businesses to offer change areas in their space for moms, dads and all other caregivers.

The act, which was first proposed by Rep. David Cicilline (D-Rhode Island), was co-sponsored by 26 other Democrats and one Republican and was passed this summer with only 34 no-votes (all coming from Republicans, according to the official House archives).

*claps for a positive parenting step forward*

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