Listen, we totally get it. How are you supposed to look all cute and collected when your morning routine consists of chasing your mini-me around making sure they don’t wreak havoc on your house? Clearly they didn’t get the memo: The only thing we need more than our beauty sleep is a little downtime in the morning so we don’t feel like we’re stumbling into our day. Can we get an amen? Here are 15 brilliant ways to turn a hot mess into a hot mama. You’re welcome.

1. Keep Your Makeup Organized: It all begins here, ladies. If you can’t find anything in that big ol’ box of eyeshadows you haven’t used since the ’80s, how will you find time to use them? (via Brit + Co)

2. Plan Your Suds: Sometimes it’s all about the secret shower — before the break of dawn or once everyone’s done counting sheep. (via Beauty Tidbits)

3. No Makeup Makeup Look: Obsessed. Thanks to our very own Misty Spinney for showing us how to look like ourselves, only better! (via Brit + Co)

4. Ways to Style Head Scarves: One of our absolute favorite looks is also perfect for days when you don’t actually have time to do your ‘do. What’s better than looking like a million bucks without even breaking a sweat? (via The Chic Site)

5. Perfectly Imperfect: Keep yourself perfectly mane-tained by starting with a touch of mess. Flyaways and crooked parts? Oh yeah, we meant to do that. (via Daily Makeover)

6. No Sleep Quick Fix: All-nighters are not a good look, especially the morning after. Here’s a fake-it-’til-your-baby-makes-it-through-a-night-of-sleep tactic. (via The Beauty Department)

7. DIY Face Masks: No time for a facial? No worries! We’ve got your back with a DIY mask that will have you looking your best quicker than a mid-morning nap. (via Brit + Co)

8. The Asymetrical Chignon: It doesn’t get easier or cuter than a chignon. In under a minute flat, you’ll look like you’re ready for a walk around Paris with your wee one. (via Buzzfeed)

9. Short Hair Don’t Care: You don’t even have time for a chignon? No problem. Go for a glam and low-maintenance pixie cut. (via Brit + Co)

10. 3, 5 and 10 Minute Makeup: Break it down, girl! Lulu gives us a full on breakdown of all the looks you can achieve based on how many minutes you’ve got. Sweet. (via Lulu’s)

11. The Hydrogen Peroxide Trick: Who’s got time for whitening strips? Not us! Luckily the alternative has been in our beauty cabinet all along. (via Lauren Conrad)

12. Hair Mascara: Oh no, how did we not see these roots before? For the darker-haired ladies out there, fear not. Wave your hair mascara around those roots and watch ’em disappear. (via The Fashion Spot)

13. 5 Minute Face: This is a full on bootcamp for makeup. Don’t know what product goes on first? Follow this little product roadmap and arrive at your destination (aka Pretty Face) in five minutes flat. (via Life Could Be a Dream)

14. Nighttime Hair Braid: This is a blast from the past tip. Yeah, we used to rock this look in high school, but did you know that being a mom-on-the-run is the perfect time to bring it back? Now you know. (via Brit + Co)

15. Quick Hairstyles for New Moms: Alright you cutie patootie new moms out there, this one’s just for you — an adorable video that equals even more adorable hairdos. (via Makeup)

What’s your favorite new mom beauty hack? Share your tips below!