Food photography is something that is likely already filling all of our social media feeds. Snaps of breakfast, lunch and dinner are commonplace thanks to the rise of social-media-savvy millennials and Instagram addicts. It’s totally normal to spot foodies in restaurants standing on the chair with a DSLR in hand, trying to get the perfect overhead shot. Lighting is also key — which is why professional food photographers usually opt to eat during the daytime as opposed to night.


It’s a science, really, laughable as it may be. And if you haven’t quite gotten the right formula down, you might be interested in these new events.

Enter Foodography, an international restaurant experience aiming to make life easier for aspiring food photographers. Designer Adi Nissani has crafted plates designed to make food look more photogenic. Some of the plates spin around and, of course, there’s a stand for your iPhone. The event organizers have entire dinners as well as photography workshops. The experience runs $155 per hour and dinners usually run five courses.


This isn’t the first time food photo booths have appeared in restaurants.


Last year, South African company MWEB launched a full-on food photo booth cheekily named #DinnerCam as part of an advertising campaign. You know, because pretty food photography is essential to a healthy Instagram feed.

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(Photos via Carmel Winery and MWEB)