Your food photography is about to go pro. We’ve seen some cool photo booths in our day and a couple Arduino-powered machines that take social media-friendly snapshots for us, but #Dinnercam does more than that. It sets the stage (with lighting and a clean backdrop) so you can take a decidedly more professional pic of your dinner du jour.

Yes, this is incredibly WTF-worthy, but chomp on a chill pill before you go all “this is everything that’s wrong with our society!” on us. The little booth is actually part of a project from an internet provider in South Africa to explore how WiFi changes everyday life in public spaces. (Ugh, why is everywhere else so cool? We could not imagine Verizon or Comcast dropping a meme bomb like this on us.)

Blending digital, social and analog, you step up to #Dinnercam with your food, set it in the plate-ready booth, choose your lighting (uh, you know, how they chose filters in the olden days) and set up your shot.

Tweet it, ‘Book it, ‘Gram it and you get a printed out copy, too.

Who doesn’t love a little metaphor wrapped up in a social [media] experiment? The only thing we’re just slightly queasy about is imagining seeing our treats under the bright or colored lights of #Dinnercam. We’ll take a hazy shot of your breakfast burrito any ol’ day, and well, fine, because the food photo booth is only available at one Mexican restaurant in South Africa.

Guess the rest of us will just have to capture our guac’s good side the old-fashioned way.

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(Photo: 10and5)