Being a #Girlboss can take a lot of work. There are things to master, like technology, networking, management skills… it’s okay to have a covetable wardrobe as well. And if you work hard and are ambitious, strategic and a little bit lucky, you might just make it out on top, like some of the women who just debuted on Forbes’ newest list of power women.

Smart, self-made and seriously rich: These women are killing it when it comes to business. Topping Forbes’ list of the Richest Self-Made Women in America is Elizabeth Holmes, a Stanford dropout who went on to create the blood testing company Theranos. Her net worth is 4.5 billion — yes, that’s a “b!” At age 31, she’s the world’s youngest female billionaire. Wow.

She has company up at the top on a list that includes the likes of Oprah ($3 billion), Vera Wang, ($400 million), Beyonce ($250 million) and Sheryl Sandberg ($1.05 billion). Remember, these are all women who made it from the ground up. Shout out to California — the golden state has 20 of these women as residents.

So next time you think you have a great idea, go through with it! After all, Sara Blakely ($1 billion) made her fortune by cutting off the top of a pair of pantyhose!

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(h/t Forbes, Photos via Steve Jennings, Kevork Djansezian, Mike Coppola/Getty)