Dorm life is kind of the best. But in order to keep it that way, make sure you’re prepared for every situation that solo living might present. Instead of having to call home again and again with last-minute requests, print out this Dorm Room Survival Guide to #adult through your freshman year. You’ll be slaying that college life in no time!

Print our Dorm Room Survival Guide now!

Free Printable College Dorm Checklist

This list has everything you need to sleep, pamper, cook, study, (binge) watch, nest, clean, and just survive. And there’s even a notes section for more personal items like your hoard of plants or box of records.

Free Printable College Dorm Checklist

So what are you waiting for? Grab one of those freshly sharpened pencils and get to checking and packing!

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Illustrations: Jenna Moeller

Photo Styling: Irene Lee

Photography: Kurt Andre