It might not be 2004, but it IS a totally reasonable day to fill your screen with Friends. Why? Because 10 years ago today, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Monica, Chandler and Ugly Naked Guy bid us adieu. For real. That fateful last episode was a full decade ago. The only reasonable series finale anniversary gift is obviously a post dedicated to all of those fools, in the form of the strangest cast photos ever.

1. The Longest Horse in All The Land: What IS this? Seriously. I love all you guys but WHY?

2. White Tops + Denim: How can you go wrong with a look like this? Oh, maybe wear mens’ boxer briefs under your baggy jeans with a crop top?

3. So Tired: Okay guys, now I want you to all pile on the couch and fall asleep. But don’t look too asleep, because you still need to smile ever so slightly. Okay, perfect!

4. A Hard Day’s Work: Another tough day on set, building things, making fun of Gunther and, of course, PIVOT-ing.

5. Tropical Nostalgia: Everyone looks really good in this photo but we have no idea what is happening, why they are all ooh-ing and ahh-ing and why they look like they came from Beach Blanket Babylon.

6. The Wild West: Or Moulin Rouge. You decide.

7. Your New Profile Pic: It’s a literal profile pic… of all the Friends.

8. Tug of War: The heels, the bare feet, the hairstyles. It’s all just… magical.

9. Poker Face: When did they EVER ever ever play strip poker? The only time it is even suggested is when they go to the beach and that one chick, Bonnie, shaves her head.

10. The Classic: And finally, this isn’t really the weirdest but it is the most classic. The all black outfits, the floral Laura Ashley couch, the velvet patterned pillows. Oh man. We miss you guys!

What was your favorite moment on Friends? Who’s your favorite character? Talk to us in the comments below.