Sound the alarms, ladies and gents, because we’ve stumbled upon what’s probably the most awesome way to eat fruit. Smoothies? Nah. Mixed into yogurt? Nope. Sprinkled atop your favorite morning cereal? Not even close. Okay, okay, we won’t keep you waiting in anticipation any longer. The new, totally rad way to eat fruit? Skipping the “fruit” altogether and chowing down on some fruit-shaped desserts! Sure, it might be cheating of sorts, but when you get a gander at the fabulous fruit-ed out sweets we’ve rounded up to share with you, we think you’ll be pleased as pie with this brand new way to add a little fruit to your life.

1. Watermelon-Shaped Cookies: Go on, admit it… these are the cutest things you’ve ever seen. Yeah? We think so, too. (via Glorious Treats)

2. Pineapple Cake: This sunny little guy is great for not only brightening up your day, but for filling your belly with yums. That is, if you can bring yourself to cut into that smiley pineapple face. (via Coco Cake Land)

3. Cherry Cookies: Bring these cuties to a potluck or bake sale and you’ll score some major cool points with the crowd. (via Melissa Joy Cookies)

4. Lemon Macarons With White Chocolate Ganache: Macarons are a dessert favorite for many reasons — fab colors, tastiness, they’re bite-sized. But, these lemon-shaped goodies take this cookie-esque confection to a whole level of wantability. (via 6 Bittersweets)

5. Apple-Shaped Cupcakes: First day of school treat, anyone? Hey, even if you aren’t headed back to the books in a few weeks, we say you whip these up and enjoy. Just ’cause. (via Make and Takes)

6. Pineapple Cake Pops: These tropical inspired pops have us dreaming of a backyard luau! (via The Party Connection)

7. Watermelon Donuts: Forget about National Donut Day — we want donuts all day, every day. Especially when they’re this darn cute. (via Paper + Stitch)

8. Banana Split Macarons: These are the best things since… well… banana splits. (via Eat. Live. Write. Travel.)

9. Watermelon Cake: If you’re looking for a go-to dessert for summer parties, look no further. We’ve basically found summertime in cake form. (via Tablespoon)

10. Three Ways Pineapple Cookies: Another fun luau-inspired treat. Or, you know, just a tasty dessert to keep you company while you binge-watch another season on Netflix. (via Bake at 350)

11. Peach Macaroons: These are the grown up version of those gummy peach rings you ate by the dozen as a youngster. Need we say more? (via Cooking Classy)

12. Watermelon Cake Pops: Cake pops this adorable are like chips — you can’t eat just one. (via The Bearfoot Baker)

13. Citrus Cookies: These make us want to revamp the old “when life gives you lemons” mantra to say, “when life gives you citrus, make cookies!” (via Sweetopia)

14. Pumpkin Macarons: We are self-professed lovers of summer here at Brit HQ, but we can’t deny that these sweet macarons have us wishing fall would come a lot sooner. (via Yummy Mummy Kitchen)

15. Pineapple Cheese Ball: Did we make you pause for sec with this one? Yeah, a cheese ball isn’t typically what you’d think of as “dessert,” but trust us when we say that this creation is sweet enough to count. Serve with a dessert wine and you’ve got yourself an after dinner treat for your fancy dinner party. (via Just a Pinch)

16. Fruit Macarons: You know we’re all about creative DIY projects, so we’re just dying to get to work on trying out this recipe. (via Sugar + Cloth)

17. Campari-Citrus Sorbet: We’re positively fawning over this fun way to serve sorbet! How did we not think of this sooner? (via Lemon + Lime Event Design)

18. Watermelon Cake Pops: Betty Crocker cake + chocolate chips + icing. Now that’s what we call paradise. (via Betty Crocker)

19. Pineapple-Shaped Sugar Cookies: Well, that does it. We’ve found the theme for out next party — these pineapple cookies are reason enough alone to throw on some party hats and celebrate! (via The Alison Show)

20. Fruity Summer Cupcakes: Look at those colors! Yeah, nobody will ever be able to convince us that these vibrant cupcakes weren’t made to be loved by a Brit + Co girl or guy. (via Oh Joy!)

21. Strawberry Macarons: We’re not sure if you’ve noticed yet (who are we kidding, of course you have!), but fruit-shaped macarons are pretty much the neatest things ever. Especially when they take on the form of teeny tiny strawberries. (via Little Big Company)

22. Pear-Shaped Cookies: These are pears dipped in powdered sugar, right? Wrong. Yep, we were amazed too when we learned that these are actually cookies molded to look like pears! (via He Needs Food)

How will you indulge in a little “fruit”? Share your favorite dessert pick (or one of your own) with us below!