Fuller House season 4 premiered on Netflix on Friday, December 14, and if you’ve already binge-watched some or all of the 13 new episodes, you might have caught an unscripted moment from star Jodie Sweetin that cracked up her costars while filming. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

During a scene in the eighth episode, Stephanie (Sweetin) attends the Vet of the Year awards ceremony to watch her sister DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) compete for the top honor. Unfortunately, DJ loses out to Matt, and Stephanie snarkily comments that his veterinary clinic has only been “open for three weeks,” before then adding a line no one saw coming: “I had a girlfriend longer than that.”

In the scene, DJ looks to her younger sister in shock, smiling, while Gia (Marla Sokoloff), also in attendance, cracks up laughing. It turns out the reactions were genuine, since neither of Sweetin’s costars knew she was going to make a last-minute script switch.

“Jodie changed up the line in the last take and I didn’t know it was coming — so that was our honest and true reactions,” Bure tweeted when asked by a fan whether the line was improvised.

Fans on social media loved the casual insinuation that Stephanie has had at least one relationship with a woman in the past, with some seeing it as her coming out as bisexual, even though that aspect or label hasn’t been explored outside of the improvised line in the show. Currently, Stephanie is in a relationship with Jimmy Gibbler, and season 4 saw things get a little more serious between the pair. (We’re not going to spoil EVERYTHING for you!)

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(photo via Mike Yarish/Netflix)