Living in a small space is tough enough, and when it comes to finding furniture that works, it’s especially challenging. But a furniture collection from Iles Project is reinventing the way to decorate those teeny tiny spaces. Using a smart design idea they call “islands,” the pieces are made to sit in the center of the room. There are wall-like pieces that allow you to create zones (bedroom vs. living room) even when the individual rooms may not exist. Talk about making the most of your space, regardless of square footage.

The Iles concept came about when its creators, Maja Gorowska, Karolina Koryniowska, and Kamila Potocka, lived together in a tent one summer. In the tent, everything was essentially in one place, including the sleeping, cooking, and lounging areas. “We wanted to go away from standard solutions where the apartment is divided into specific zones like the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and office. We designed pieces of furniture which can be combined into an island and placed however the user likes,” Potocka tells us.

The Iles project was designed primarily with millennials in mind, because many are living in smaller spaces that don’t allow for much traditional furniture. These pieces are also easy to take down and reassemble, for those who end up needing to move often. “Millennials are still in motion. They are not attached to one place; they change their place of living very often. For this reason, they primarily value functional furniture which they can adapt to their needs,” explains Potocka.

The “island” furniture pieces are minimalist, which is a nod to the much-loved millennial style. Their design was based on the organic shape of stone, including features like clean lines, planes, and blocks. And everything is black, because let’s face it: Sleek black pieces look great in every space. The wall pieces can be draped in any fabric, which will allow you to decorate however you please. And the pillows are filled with buckwheat groat and can be used on the bed and chairs for added comfort.

As of right now, this line is still just a concept, but it could totally revolutionize the way we think about furniture — and small living spaces. Here’s hoping this project gets all the funding it needs to become a reality!

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(Photos and video via Iles Project)