Gallery walls always require a bit of panache and a bit of style. There have been lots and lots of suggestions on how to pull the look off, places to get free art to lessen the price tag and pages of Pinterest suggestions for lining up those frames just right. The trend has been around for a WHILE. If you’re still struggling to nail the look, maybe it’s time to accept defeat and try for something fresh and new. Ditch the grid and go big with DIY statement art that is easier to hang and easier on your wallet.

1. One Statement Piece: Why hassle with 10 little guys when you can make a bold statement with just one big art piece? A single piece of art is absolutely enough to make an impact in your space, especially when you’re absolutely in love with it. Bring in bold colors with a bright sea view and enjoy the tropical views all year long. (via Dream Green DIY)

2. Quilt Hanging: Think of this as an updated, hip take on your grandma’s quilt wall hangings. Add some fringe and a rod for a stylish, country feel. (via Camelot Fabrics)

3. Plant Wall: Let your gallery wall go a little wild by bringing in colors and textures with house plants. Hang them to get more height and repeat the nature theme with a few select pieces of art. (via Seventy Three)

4. Textural Tapestry: Forget buying handfuls of frames and go for something boldly textural like a piece of fabric or a DIY canvas tapestry. Paint a pretty design on a piece of canvas with wax and then dye the whole thing to get a rustic, vintage look. Not only is this a less expensive option, but we think the hanging banner adds more personality to the room than a grid of frames. (via Kelli Murray)

5. Statement Mirror: Mirrors are a savior when it comes to reflecting light and making a small space seem bigger. Choose a bold or unusual frame to really make an impact on an ordinary white wall. Can you believe this sunburst frame is made out of matchsticks?! (via A Beautiful Mess)

6. Fabric Art: Hand paint a bright and cheery piece of fabric to accent the color palette of your space. If you’re renting, you really don’t want to be putting twenty nail holes in the walls. So instead of giving up your deposit, install a fabric hanging with just a few adhesive strips. (via Design Improvised)

7. Oversized Photo: When you have a favorite family photo, what is the point of crowding it with a bunch of other subpar images? Blowing up a photo can cost under $20 and is a cinch to put up. Printing it in black and white also makes the piece look extra professional. (via Say Yes)

8. Shadow Boxes: These boxes are along the same theme as a gallery wall, but with way more options for playing with color (and trinkets). A couple of these pattern-backed crates brings a lot of character into the room, and you can easily switch out the fabric when your mood changes. (via Design Sponge)

9. A Wall of Plates: If you like the collected look of a gallery wall, but want to add more texture and dimension, head to a thrift store for some plates. Go with a monochromatic collection for a modern look, or add eclectic shapes and sizes for a boho feel. (via Aunt Peaches)

10. Go au Naturale: Nothing beats the warm tones and subtle textures of pieces straight from Mother Nature. Mount a large piece of wood for a rustic touch that looks equally at home in a modern, urban setting or in a country farmhouse. (via Apartment Therapy)

11. Chalkboard: Let your mood dictate the art of the day with a chalkboard wall. From calendars to doodles and daily gratitudes, a chalkboard wall can be a fun way to keep a record of your week. Paint the whole wall or just paint a frame for a chic, matte texture that looks good even without chalk art. (via Clover and Dot)

12. Scientific Print: Who knew science could look so chic? Whether you go for a botanical drawing or something more unusual like animal anatomy, the graphic lines and colors make for an unexpected and very cool piece of art. (via Oleander and Palm)

How do you feel about the gallery wall trend? Are you still a fan or are you ready to replace those little frames with something bigger? Talk to us in the comments below!