If there is one thing every homebody loves about spring, it鈥檚 TV show premiere season. This week alone, we鈥檙e getting a ton of season and series premieres. We鈥檝e narrowed down the list to a few must-sees 鈥斅爌lus a few movies, because you can never have enough new movies. You鈥檒l thank us on Monday when everybody is gabbing about these shows (and your Game of Thrones party) around the water cooler.



1. Game of Thrones: Cue epic theme music. Game of Thrones is coming back. If you somehow missed the first five seasons, you have until Sunday to watch the entire thing. Winter is here. (Image via HBO)


2. Silicon Valley: The new American dream is founding聽a startup and getting courted by a major Silicon Valley developer. The parody features a ragtag gang of computer nerds and a constant stream of blink-and-you-miss-it jokes. It鈥檚 a solid comedy for everybody 鈥斅爄nside AND聽outside of the Bay Area. (Image via HBO)


3. Veep: The campaign slogan 鈥渕aybe鈥 rings frighteningly close to home this year. Julia Louis Dreyfus鈥檚 hilarious turn as Selina Meyer has the possibility of becoming the most talked-about show this election season. (Image via HBO)

Inside Amy Schumer

4. Inside Amy Schumer: As Comedy Central says in the tagline for the new season: 鈥淎my鈥檚 back and she鈥檚 learned nothing.鈥 We can only hope. Season four looks to be as raunchy, hysterical and intelligent as the first three. Brace yourself. (Image via Comedy Central)


5. Deadbeat:聽The show is about a 鈥渄eadbeat鈥 guy with no money and no real future, but he can talk to ghosts. (Deadbeat鈥et it?) If you like laughs infused with a little paranormal activity, the premiere of season three will provide nothing but delight. (Image via Hulu)


6. How to Get Away With Murder: Our collective obsession with TV shows about murder doesn鈥檛 look like it will fade away soon. For everybody without a TV: Season two of HTGAWM has landed on Netflix. Cancel weekend plans: You鈥檙e going to be too busy being completely strung into a Shonda Rimes series 鈥斅燼gain. (Image via ABC)



7. The Night Manager: Starring the somehow-always-charming-even-when-villainous Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie, the British mini-series sensation has crossed the pond. Get ready to be instantly obsessed with the captivating story of an Egyptian hotel owner who becomes entangled in an international arms trade network. (Image via BBC)


8. Containment: The newest show from the CW is a post-apocalyptic drama. Surprising touches of humanity peep through in this fictional, quarantined Atlanta after a violent epidemic. It鈥檚 the perfect fix for anybody still morning the death of The Walking Dead. (Image via CW)


Girl on the Edge

9. Girl on the Edge: A young girl who suffered abuse from a cyber predator is sent away to an alternative therapy camp. The emotional film was based on true experiences, and聽made waves at film festivals all around the world when it debuted last year. (Image via Girl on the Edge)


10. Hard Candy: Hardy Candy is about a 14-year-old girl who goes head-to-head with a man she suspects to be a pedophile, whom she met in a chat room. It will take you back in time to Ellen Page just before the release of Juno. (Image via Vulcan Productions)

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