Trying to up the scare factor for this year’s Halloween party? If you’re tired of bowls of peeled grape “eyeballs,” ghoulish pumpkin guacamole “vomit” and cupcakes shaped like tombstones (JK WE COULD NEVER BE SICK OF ALL THOSE THINGS), try this sweet and spooky treat: gummy chocolate brains and skulls.

Created by Spanish duo Ruth and Sira Garcia, these delicious mini skulls are the perfect unique snack for Halloween. They’re made by pouring chocolate into skull shaped molds and then adding a walnut and some gummy brains to the exposed top. The final look is delightfully frightening and we’re willing to bet it’s also pretty tasty. And DIYable if you happen to have the right molds lying around.

The duo has also designed creepy doll’s leg candies made using chocolate leg and arm molds, with little gummy string “nerves” sticking out of their severed ends. We’ll stick with the skulls for now, but for those of you with more of a stomach for the spooky, serving those at your party will definitely wow your guests.

If you decide to go all out and hack this treat at home (the Garcias have temporarily put production on hold because of their other jobs), go nuts with flavor combos. We’re thinking white chocolate with raspberry gummies or dark chocolate with red wine would both be delicious and sophisticated flavors for your monster mash. Invite please?

What do you think of these creepy crawly sweets? Would you serve or eat either of these concoctions? Tell us in the comments below!