Why play tricks when you can get amazing treats this Halloween? ‘Tis the season for fun-sized chocolate bars, stretchy gummy treats and red braids of licorice. But, when you treat yourself, don’t settle for the same old Smarties and mini Snickers that you’re passing out to the neighbor kids. Treat yourself to our picks of sweet, salty, gruesome and fun gourmet treats for Halloween. From eyeball cupcakes to fizzing fangs, your Halloween isn’t complete without a few of these seasonal treats!

1. Eyeball Cupcake ($1): Baked by Melissa is totally delivering the sweetness with three candy-inspired mini cupcakes. We don’t think you’ll be able to choose just one when faced with the bite-size breakdown of chocolate caramel cookie, eyeball and candy corn. PS: “The Eyeball” is actually white vanilla cake filled with a Bavarian goo and finished off with blue-vanilla icing, blood red sugar crystals and a chocolate dot topping. Better pre-order your Halloween Collection flavor pack now, because they’ll be gone before you can say, “black cat!”

2. Black Strap Magic or Witches Brew Ice Cream ($30/month): If you want something screaming good this Halloween, get yourself a pint of hand-crafted and hand-delivered ice scream straight from the Milk Made. Get ready, because they’ve been boiling, toiling, troubling and churning out some wicked flavors to haunt you this Halloween. Get your hands on a pint of Black Strap Magic (a magical mix of molasses, bourbon and chunks of pecan pralines) or Witches Brew (witch finger grapes and fresh peanut butter). Taste the magic brewing over at Milk Made, and you’ll definitely be screaming — for more ice cream.

3. Candy Corn Macaron ($30): Dana’s Bakery is known for their artisanal macarons — period. Pairing the traditional French favorite with an array of American flavors, like s’mores or red velvet, there is nothing lacking in their flavor department. Don’t miss out on October’s flavor of the month, Candy Corn — the sweetness of candy corn layered in the delicate texture of a not-so-ordinary macaron.

4. Pumpkin Chai Cronut With Maple Sugar ($5): Welcome to the birthplace of the Cronut, yes, that croissant-donut hybrid that started an international craze. Offering a unique flavor each month, Dominique Ansel’s Bakery is worth camping out in front of (for reals, the line starts two hours before opening and quantities are limited). Can’t get to the bakery? You can pre-order online here. Once you get your hands on a Cronut, eat immediately!

5. Monster Cookies ($10): Who wants to mash… monster mash. Get spooked with these detailed monster cookies inspired by vintage horror films. We hear they go gruesomely well with milk.

6. Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate Skull Pops ($6): Single-origin dark chocolate infused with mexican hot chocolate spices — cayenne and cinnamon — then hand-painted with gold glitter… now that’s what we call a skull on a stick!

7. Haunted House Truffles ($25): Frighteningly delicious monster mash truffles nestled in a seasonally appropriate haunted house, each freaky truffle is hand-decorated and combined with devilish fillings, like creme brulee, peanut butter, praline, chocolate ganache and toffee. Who needs tricks when you can get treats as amazing as these?

8. Pumpkin Pie Marshmallows ($8): Pumpkin spice and everything nice is exactly what you’ll find in this bag of handcrafted marshmallows. These mallows are made with natural ingredients = no high-fructose corn syrup. Kids will love to eat these right out of the bag, but we suggest going ultra-gourmet with some dreamy s’mores.

9. Caramel Apples ($8): Crunchy leaves, cool nights and crackling fires mean fall is in the air and apples are ripe on the trees. Take a bite out of fall and indulge in a not-so-ordinary caramel apple. Cocoa Dolce is giving the traditional caramel apple a sophisticated makeover — smothered in your choice of caramel, bittersweet or white chocolate and a variety of finishes, including gray salt, almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans or graham crackers. Get yours while they’re ripe for the picking.

10. Candy Corn Kettle Corn ($5): The perfect food for autumn snacking. Get crunchy and sweet while you snuggle up near a flickering fire and share a bowl of candy corn kettle corn with a loved one or delight trick or treaters with homemade popcorn balls with a twist. This delicious snack packs in the flavor of fall, and get this, no high-fructose corn syrup.

11. Maple Cube ($17): This is a solid cube of pure maple syrup. Wielding your microplane grater (the preferred tool for handling maple cubes, duh), grate maple onto anything. We’re talking oatmeal, roasted carrots, salmon or yogurt. This stylish gastronomic treat makes for a pretty sweet gift, too.

12. Pumpkin Spice Latte Boba Tea ($15) PSL season is here. Get funky this fall with a pumpkin spice latte bubble tea. Creamy, pumpkin and spicy cinnamon blend together with large pearl tapioca for a super fun treat.

13. Fizzy Fangs ($10): Now here’s a treat you can really sink your teeth into. These mouth-puckering gummy fangs, are sure to inspire anyone’s inner Dracula this Halloween. Get ready for fangs filled with strawberry flavor and a fizzy sour finish!

Trick or treat? Show us something gourmet to eat this Halloween in the comments below!