With consumer demand for healthy food on the rise, fast food giants have started revamping their menus and offering more nutritious menu options . McDonalds even serves kale in select locations! But fast food doesn’t have to be the only solution for your instant food needs — at least not if White Innovation has anything to do with it. This tech company is stepping up to the plate — literally. They’ve created The Genie , a futuristic food gadget that whips up healthy, personalized meals in under 60 seconds.


The Genie’s technology is a case of life imitating art. The device was inspired by Star Trek’s “replicator,” which synthesized food on-demand. To get cooking , all you have to do is pop a meal pod into The Genie, pour liquid into the device as you would when preparing coffee and then push a button on the device’s mobile app. In roughly thirty seconds, The Genie mixes the pod ingredients and liquid to produce a perfect meal that your friends will think was made by a master chef.


Picky eaters can take heart: The Genie offers a growing selection of savory and sweet meals in 140-gram, recyclable meal pods. You can choose from chicken with rice to vegetable couscous to chocolate soufflé. The ingredients are all natural, preservative free and freeze dried, giving the pods a shelf life of up to two years.

Don’t start salivating yet — The Genie is not yet available in mainstream markets. If you can curb your hunger pangs until the gadget hits a store near you, you can expect it to set you back a few hundred dollars. A wider variety of meals, including meals that cater to special diets , are still in the works. We hope our fave foods (#nachos, anyone?) make it into The Genie.

If you could invent any meal for The Genie, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t via Nocamels )