It’s officially Halloween crunch time, folks. So you have your costume all sorted out? Great, that’s step one. But now you have to make sure your home is just as festive as your outfit. Need some decor for the dining table? What about some garland to hang in the living room? We got you, girl. Whether you’re throwing a haunted happy hour or you just want your home to be a little more spooky chic, here are 10 weekend projects to make before Monday’s return.


1. Ice Cream Pumpkins: Pumpkin ice cream is delicious, but mini pumpkins dressed up AS ice cream is kind of the best thing we’ver ever seen. (via Aww Sam)


2. Bruch Group Costume: Do you and your crew meet up for Brunch every weekend? If so, look no further for the perfect group costume. (via Brit + Co)


3. Reupholstered Chairs: For those of you who have had enough Halloween DIYs, give your home a fall update by grabbing an old chair from the thrift store and giving it a new life with some simple reupholstering. (via Brit + Co)

_rose gold pumpkin succulents 15

4. Mini Pumpkin Planters: Take those teeny tiny Jack-o-Lanterns you can find at the Dollar Store, spray paint them gold, pop in some succulents and voila! Cheap, chic and festive decor. (via Oleander and Palm)


5. Halloween Garland: Pumpkins and ghosts and black cats, oh my! (via Dream Green DIY)


6. Fruit Pumpkins: If a trip to the pumpkin patch is not in the cards for you, you can totally still take part in the carving fun. Head to the grocery store and pick out any of these fruits to make a Jack-o-Lantern that’s different but still festive. (via Brit + Co)


7. Typography Pumpkins: Forget about the mess involved with pumpkin carving and opt for these pun-kins instead. Simply paint and use the clever printables to create a bright and hilarious gourd. (via Studio DIY)


8. DIY Lace Tiara: Whether you want to use it as part of your Halloween costume or you just want to pretend to be a princess, this lace crown is just as easy as it is glamourous. (via Brit + Co)


9. Ghost Piñatas: Don’t look now, Casper, but we’re about to beat up your friends. (via Make and Tell)


10. IKEA Dresser Hack: There’s nothing quite like a good IKEA hack. This blogger took a basic wooden dresser and gave it some easy but totally major upgrades. (via Hawthorne and Main)

Do you have any projects planned for the weekend? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.