Next up on the gift wrapping front, it’s all about bows and toppers. From neckties to fortune tellers, here are 10 ways to make your present say, “Pick me!”

Similar to last year’s Put a Blank on It, most of the materials for this are found, and we’re all about getting even more unconventional with what you choose. Here’s a list of the odds and ends we ended up using. All of these are great for adding a last minute personal touch to any package. We promise, this will instantly turn you into a wrap star with loads of crafty street cred.

 – necktie

– scarf

– old t-shirt

– duct tape

– magazine pages

Tools: scissors, Xacto knife, Sharpie

We used kraft paper boxes and kraft wrapping paper to get a uniform look but you could use any type of wrapping paper you like, or none at all.

1. Necktie: Two gifts in one!

2. Fortune Teller: Remember the old fortune tellers you used to make in grade school? Use magazine pages to create a gift tag using the same folding technique. (For a refresher, check out this tutorial.) It would also be super cute to use a blank piece of paper and include fortunes!

3. Duct Tape Rosette: Neon duct tape is a great way add a bright pop to any package. For the full-fledged steps for creating your own rosettes, head to our previous tutorial.

4. Magazine Bow: You’ve likely seen the old recycled magazine gift bow on Pinterest, and we couldn’t resist including it in our collection of bows. We love this tutorial by How About Orange.

5. Spiral Rose: How cute is this? Draw a spiral, cut it out, roll it up, and stick it on! More in-depth instructions here.

6. Pine Cone Toppers: We love us a good pine cone. Glue one, two or three onto the top of any holiday present for a bit of rustic charm. See also: How to Create a Bouquet that Will Never Die.

7. Drawn Bow: When in doubt, you can always turn to pen and paper. Love the look of this drawn bow.

8. Cozy Scarf: Another two in one!

9. T-Shirt Ribbons: Got an old t-shirt or two just waiting to turn into a craft project? Use a few strips as ribbon. Tell the recipient to braid them up into a nautical necklace after they’re done unwrapping!

10. Cut-Out Pop-Ups: Finally, pop it up! Use a brown paper lunch bag as a gift bag and cut out fun shapes or words to put on top. So cute.

How do you get crafty in the gift wrap department? Tell us in the comments below.