No matter how good the payoff underneath, wrapping gifts can be a little bit tricky. Okay, a lot a bit tricky. Unless it’s in a box, it can be hard to wrap things without covering them in tape or cutting your fingers. We have tons of tips on how to amp your gifting game, but if you need a “we’ve all been there” laugh in the spirit of the holidays, scroll through this list of self-declared #WrappingFails.


1. Shake It Off: Some toys weren’t meant to be wrapped… but seriously, how awesome is this? (via @aliciacheyanne)


2. Use Your Imagination: This is one of those immersive, experiential gifts we’ve been hearing so much about, right? (via @rubyshoesphoto)


3. Crafty: Craft paper is always great for wrapping, but when you have something that’s a tricky shape, it may be best to bag it. (via @gal_tobin)


4. Chew Toy: If your pup is bored… that roll of wrapping paper might start to look like a bone. (via @andremarieferraro)


5. Macro Wrapping: When you’ve got a really big gift, sometimes you gotta get crafty with the paper. (via @havefunstorminthecastle)


6. Let Me Guess: We usually wrap our shoes in boxes, but this is a more intricate approach. (via @toftalpacashop)


7. Collage Wrapping: This is certainly a lesson in perseverance… but not so much a lesson in color theory. One thing’s for sure — the bows take it up a notch. (via @scott_russell_a)


8. Tip Tape: Painter’s tape is not ideal for gifts, unless maybe this one is going for a certain color scheme? We could see that… maybe. (via @genesis_terrones)


9. Interception: It’s kind of hard to get any wrapping done with a kitty blocking the way. (via @ponchoandlefty1)


10. Black Sheep: There’s always that one gift that’s so impossible to wrap, you just ball it up in paper and call it a day.(via @breckert)

What are the hardest gifts you’re going to have to wrap this year? Let us know in the comments!