So, this week’s #GiveItAWeek challenge was a bit of a drastic one. The task? Changing my brunette hair to platinum blonde. I’m sure you’re thinking that’s a BIG change all for the sake of a seven-day challenge. But, to be fair, it did give me the opportunity to try something new and get totally out of my shell. (That and there’s no harm in following in the footsteps of one of my favorite pop stars — Britney Spears — right?) With a little research on some hair care tips for keeping my blonde locks looking their best, I kicked off the week ready to have some fun.

The best part about it was that I was able to connect with my fellow IG blondes, who, very kindly, guided me through the pros and cons of my new ‘do. These ladies raved about the sassiness, confidence, and notice their hair gave them… in all the best ways, of course. But the stigma associated with the look was certainly a downside, they said. I was curious to see if I’d experience the same things, so, with that, I leaned into my (blonde) persona and hit the week head on. Here’s how it went:

(Spoiler alert for anyone who didn’t follow along on my story, @brit, my locks were totally temporary — I was wearing a wig!)

Give It a Week Hair
Give It a Week Hair 2

Truth be told, these seven days definitely felt a bit different. I’m not sure if this was because of the wig itself, the new persona I was rockin’, or just the fact that I made a drastic change overnight! In some ways, I found it hard to be taken seriously in the office. Plus, I almost got denied a bank transfer because I didn’t look like my license — yikes! But I definitely felt like I went out of my norm, had some silly moments, and overall, felt glad I gave it a try.

In my experience, my wig was itchy and even gave me headaches throughout the day, so I gained an appreciation for those who DO wear wigs every day. It’s a big undertaking, and I know there are many women out there who choose to do so after a serious cancer treatment, and others because their natural hair will simply not grow as long and luscious as they’d like. I’ve never been so happy to have long, thick, natural hair of my own.

Will I be sticking with my new look? Probably not. That said, after staring at myself in the mirror differently for seven days, I do feel more confident and motivated to mix up my own hairstyles… even if the changes aren’t as… blonde!

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