You should know by now that, here at Brit + Co, we love us some glitter. So it should come as no surprise to you that we went totally bananas when we saw these impossibly glamorous Halloween beauty looks. From glitter tears and metallic brows to the show-stopping use of colored contacts, we鈥檝e discovered an entire treasure trove of Halloween makeup looks you absolutely can鈥檛 miss. It all began when a makeup artist was inspired by Kylie Cosmetics鈥 logo 鈥 suddenly, an entire glittery universe of Halloween makeup emerged. Scroll down for the look that started it all and a peek at some of our faves.

1. Kylie-Inspired Zombie: This look, created using all Kylie Cosmetics, is where it all began. This is like a master class in glam style for All Hallow鈥檚 Eve. Consider us obsessed.

2. Purple Glam Lip: We鈥檙e in love with the deep purple lip and clown-inspired eye treatment on this Insta-stunner. Our favorite part is the contrast between her neutral foundation and the over-the-top glitter accents.

3. Celestial Smokey Eye: This might be the most glamorous smokey eye the world has ever seen. In shades of dark purple and black, the shimmer she applied keeps the style from looking flat and gives off some serious celestial vibes 鈥 perfect for any spooky ensemble you have planned for the big night.

4. Glittery Mermaid: We鈥檝e seen gorg mermaid makeup before, but this look with light-reflecting accents is one of our favorites. She鈥檚 nailed it down to every last detail 鈥 hello, sea-blue contacts.

5. Drippy Sunset: These fiery hues conjure up a gorgeous sunset and give off an other-worldly feeling when paired with white accents. White mascara or lipstick is a game-changer we鈥檝e never even considered before.

6. Gothic Fairy: This look is so beautiful and ethereal, we almost didn鈥檛 realize that it鈥檚 also pretty creepy 鈥 perfect for Halloween. Don鈥檛 worry 鈥 we didn鈥檛 miss those gold-encrusted eyebrows or the masterful way she鈥檚 applied her lipstick.

7. Golden Smokey Eye: This look is so chic, you could wear it after Halloween night. The golden shimmer highlights her inner eye, while an oil-slick finish upgrades her lips. The metallic sheen throughout the look would be perfect for a Cleopatra costume.

8. Alien Glam: This silver accented look is so glam, it just might work for a haute alien or next-level Frozen costume. She uses icy cool hues with a silvery shine to take an other-worldly costume into to-die-for territory.

9. Metallic Monster: Even though this look is more than a wee bit creepy, we can鈥檛 help but admire the richness of her perfectly applied color palette. We鈥檙e loving that metallic eyebrow, but it鈥檚 the glitter on the lids that sealed the deal.

10. Glamorous Sea Creature: Who knew sea monsters could be this beautiful? Add bronze touches to your all-over green body paint to elevate your urchin look for evening. Bring in shades of blue and blush if you don鈥檛 want to compromise your flirty ways.

11. Ink-Stained Goth: We鈥檙e speechless over this moody gothic look. This inky goodness could be an ideal beauty look for a Harley Quinn costume for sure.

12. Lavender Alien: We鈥檝e never seen deconstructed eye makeup paired with such a vibrant color palette before. We die for those lashes and the black speckled makeup around her eyes. The key to this look is a covered eyebrow to maximize the creep factor.

13. Glittery Cosmos: How amazing would it be to rock this style on Halloween night? Go as a 鈥70s era disco queen or as a walking version of a constellation.

14. Dia de los Muertos: We鈥檝e never seen a sugar skull style look quite so glam. The soft pink and black palette with glitter accents create a fearsome Halloween look that鈥檚 impossibly pretty.

15. Glitter Tears Skull: A Halloween skull never looked so OTT! Note to self: To transform a tried-and-true costume into a statement-making look, just add orange and copper glitter.

Which was your favorite glamorous Halloween look? Let us know on Pinterest!