Sure, we love cooking at home and trying shmancy new recipes but sometimes we just want to eat out. Some of us have the bad habit of waiting until we reach critical mass of hunger before going to a restaurant, which sometimes can result in waiting in a looong line trying to ward off the hanger monster that’s within us roaring for bread sticks. Luckily Google heard our roar and has the perfect solution.


From customizable Android emojis to super fast internet Google has really been killing it this summer. Their latest innovation is going to help you avoid long lines at restaurants near you. Google announced today that you can now search wait times for restaurants on your phone. Just search the restaurant name and Google will tell you stats about how busy they usually are during that particular time. This info was crowd sourced from the Google Maps app (making it like Waze for food) and will help you figure out where to go and when.


Hopefully this new tweak will help you fight the hunger demon even faster but if you still would rather stay home than brave the crowds try these copycat recipes so you’ll get that restaurant feel when cozy at home (pants NOT required).

Which restaurant is worth waiting in line for? Tell us in the comments!