Besides helping you wade through everything that鈥檚 out there on the Internet, soon, Google might help you smell better after an intense cardio sesh. Just a week ago, their 鈥渇ragrance emission device鈥 patent was approved. Blueprints revealed a wearable that can detect when you鈥檙e out for your daily run or when you鈥檙e helping a friend move their heavy boxes into a new apartment. More specifically, it detects your sweat levels, increased body odor and body temperature so that it can spritz out a deodorizer鈥 we鈥檒l just let that sink in for a second鈥


We鈥檙e not totally against Google getting in on our personal hygiene game, and here鈥檚 why: We don鈥檛 know about you guys, but it always feels like we鈥檙e running into that cutie at work right after we鈥檝e been waiting out in the blaring sun for half an hour in that lunchtime taco-truck line. In this scenario, Google鈥檚 stinkin鈥 wearable would quickly become our best friend. Linking up to Nearby Friends via Facebook, Google鈥檚 wearable would be able to notify you if any of your friends were around. It would also be able to suggest a different route back to your desk鈥 because apparently Google doesn鈥檛 think that sweat is an acceptable bodily function. If you don鈥檛 like getting all perfume-y, the patent showed an option to turn off the fragrance spritzer.


Now all we鈥檙e wondering is if these wearables come with a bottle of Dolce Gabbana Light Blue

Tell us about a time that you wish you were wearing Google鈥檚 鈥渇ragrance emission device.鈥 What are your thoughts about the wearable? Let us know in the comments below.

(h/t Cnet, pictures via USPTO, feature image via Scott Gries/Getty)