You may have thought you saw the real Big Red in the flesh at SantaCon, but the real Santa has been working hard in the North Pole. How do we know? Google’s Santa Tracker! A couple years ago, Google teamed up with the Santa-spotting pros at NORAD to track Mr. Claus’s whereabouts. This year, Google has created an adorably fun online Santa Tracker that doubles as an advent calendar. Each day unlocks something new, like games and funny videos. And… can you keep a secret? A couple of elves told us that later this month, we can eventually unlock a short coding project that teaches Javascript basics. Sounds like Google should collab with Santa more often!


The tracker shows all the happenings at the North Pole. Elves are getting presents ready and the reindeer are goofing around err.. working really hard too (aka reindeer games). There are a variety of interactive scenes and games to play around with as you explore Santa’s HQ.


For example, you can start up your own elf band and choose which elf musicians will make the cut. What are you going to name your group? We think we’re going to go with either The Elfstie Boys or Boyz II Elves.


Or maybe you prefer to help Santa and Rudolph sled through all 10 level of fun, picking up as many presents as possible along the way. Just be sure you don’t run out of time!


Another good way to count down the hours until the big gifting event is to give Santa a fresh cut and dye his beard. We decided to give him a holiday Demi Lovato feel.

Check out Google’s Santa Tracker for other fun games and interactive activities. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow.

What are you favorite activities to do at the North Pole? Which day do you think Google will unlock the coding project? Let us know in the comments below.