Some celebrities are known for a signature wild-hued hairstyle, from Gwen Stefani’s hella good pink hair (#TBT) to Kelly Osbourne’s lilac strands to Kylie Jenner’s recent blue dip dye. But other gals can’t commit to just one daring dye, like birthday girl Demi Lovato who turned 22 today (HBD, girl!) and has probably rocked just as many hair shades in her lifetime. Pick a color from the rainbow and Demi’s donned it, but the “Really Don’t Care” singer has also had an impressive run with natural browns and blondes, too. So no matter what hue you’re itching to dye your mane, Demi’s your go-to gal for inspo — swoon over her 12 best shades below.

1. Lavender Tips: Dark-haired girls, this is how you lighten up with lavender. Demi’s dipped ends look like a dream tossed over one shoulder. (via Billboard)

2. Green-Blue: Demi really does make green hair look pretty. Her messy waves and wind-swept bangs add softness to this punky color that looks even more awesome paired with a red lip. (via Hollywood Style)

3. Blonde Bangs: Girls itching to go platinum, this is the ONLY pic you need to show your stylist. Peeking golden layers add dimension to Demi’s blunt cut fit for a true #girlboss. (via OK!)

4. Pink Dip Dye: Blondes probably *do* have more fun when their ends are dipped pink! Demi’s matchy-matchy smile makes us think it has to be true. (via Pop Dust)

5. Ginger Spice: Here’s how to rock a more natural hair color that still has a major wow factor. Paired with a vampy lip, Demi’s modeling all that’s possible this fall. (via Billboard)

6. Ombre Blue: Demi shows us the right way to rock every shade of blue in one look. The fade from deep navy to dusty powder blue is prettier than we could have ever imagined. (via Zimbio)

7. Hot Pink: Sometimes, a girl just has to know what it’s like to go pink. Edgy hair accessories keep Demi’s look real. (via Billboard)

8. Rusted Roots: Did you ever think you’d be inspired to NOT touch up your dye job? They’re natural feelings once you peep at how rocker-chic Demi makes it look! (via OK!)

9. Mermaid Ends: A full-on blue dye job just isn’t in the cards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a taste of Demi’s surprisingly gorg look anyway! Opt for colorful ombre ends for your own cool girl moment. (via Billboard)

10. Beachy Highlights: On top of Demi’s totally enviable mermaid waves, we’re swooning over her rich brown locks, all thanks to the array of caramel highlights she’s sporting on those chestnut strands. (via Billboard)

11. Cropped Ombre: This might be the most subtle two-tone Demi’s ever rocked, but we love the stark addition to a cropped chop. (via Billboard)

12. Pink Pony: Demi’s pink ends get a sporty makeover in this high hair-wrapped pony. Cue the hair tosses, ’cause this style is all kinds of fierce. (via OK!)

Which of Demi’s hair colors is your favorite? What look do you think she’ll rock at the VMAs this weekend? Tell us in the comments below.