Last week Goop opened up a pop-up shop on San Francisco’s sweetest shopping street, Maiden Lane (check it out between now and May 22!). To celebrate the creation of the Goop brand IRL, the team hosted an opening party in the stunning space (which is a Frank Lloyd Wright building BTW). While there we checked out all those luxe items we’ve lusted over on the site, found our dream French Girl beauty product and sampled some of Gwyneth’s favorite foods. Much of what we had was from Gwyneth’s new cookbook It’s All Easy, but there was a never-before-seen drink going around that caught my eye: beauty milk. While at Goop, right?!

beauty milk goop

Ever since we discovered everything that goes into Gwyneth’s favorite morning smoothie, we’ve been fascinated by all the ultra-healthy and often WTF ingredients she swears by (ahem, moon dust). The moment I saw these miniature bottles of beauty milk going around I knew I had to crack one open.

Upon first sniff it smelled… very earthy and very similar to health food company Sakara Life’s “Night Water.” This prompted me to check out what actually goes into beauty milk. This specific concoction was created specifically for the store opening, but essentially it’s Moon Juice’s Silver Strawberry milk (Alkaline + mineralized + oxygenated water, unpasteurized activated California almonds, strawberries, honey and pink salt) with a sprinkle of Moon Juice’s beauty dust swirled in.

goop beauty milk

FYI, beauty dust is a mixture of goji, rehmannia, pearl, schisandra and stevia that you can add to anything – water, milk, coffee, you name it. According to Goop, the alchemic combination is meant to preserve youthfulness, as well as fortify and tone all over. It even boasts glowing skin, shinier hair and “twinkling eyes.”

While the smell is initially a little bit deterring, after a few sips I have to admit I was kind of sold. It was sweet but not too sweet and tasted mostly of strawberries and nuts. Think of it as Gwyneth version of those Strawberries Shortcake bars you used to get from the ice cream truck. However, I’ll admit my admiration for the beverage may have had a little something with the fact that it was actually shimmery. There was definitely a slight chalky taste, but I’m just going to say that was the beauty dust in action.

How’d I feel after? Well, I’m not going to say it was a Cinderella-like transformation, but hey, I felt great. And TBH, I would totally drink another. In fact, don’t tell on me but I may or may not have stolen a second one to accompany my breakfast for the following day ;)

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