Every so often, Grey’s will do a self-contained episode that’s some sort of flashback to further the story line of a character. This week, Owen’s sister Megan got the royal treatment, as some insight was finally revealed about her kidnapping and her early relationship with Riggs.

In the present, Megan and her son, Farouk, were planning to leave Seattle and move to LA to make a life for themselves with Riggs. Owen isn’t quite ready to leave his little sister after just getting her back, and is having a hard time with her leaving. So he decides to take Megan on a last-minute road trip together, so they can spend a little more time together. Turns out their relationship has always been a bit rocky, as much as they loved each other — going all the way back to the army, where they were stationed overseas.

We find out that Megan blames Owen for not sticking up for her when it came to a recommendation about a promotion, which ended up going to someone else. The thing is, Megan remembers from childhood that Owen hated road trips, so she’s a little wary of why he wants to come with her in the first place and knows he’s being overprotective. But she also knows if Owen comes, he’ll feel better, and it’ll help him let go of her.

Meanwhile, Riggs and Farouk are trying out the whole father-son thing in LA. It doesn’t go so well — Riggs is basically clueless about Farouk’s worries about starting a new school and living in a new place, and is kind of distracted by trying to put the house together. He thinks he’s doing an okay job of reassuring him about how he’ll meet kids his own age and how things will all work out, until he ignores Farouk’s anxiousness too much and Farouk disappears.

Riggs goes frantic trying to find him, worried that he’s lost Megan’s child, and finally finds him sitting in front of a food truck. He had seen how busy Riggs was and wanted to bring him some food to help, but there were so many choices, he was stumped by what to do. He’s not used to being in a place where he had choices, and it’s too much for him. Riggs finally realizes that he needs to be more gentle with Farouk, even though what Farouk really needs is his mom.

Megan actually has a good time with Owen, until he took her to an amusement park they used to go to with their parents. It’s there Owen tries to tell her not to move, and of course, Megan blows up at that. She’s sick of Owen trying to stop her from making choices, and getting in the way of things. Owen finally admits that he did sabotage her chances of getting the promotion, something he wasn’t able to tell her before because she got kidnapped, and this just makes Megan angrier.

He had tried to stop her from getting the promotion because he thought she was being impulsive and immature, just like she was doing now by running away from her family to live on the beach. Owen really goes all out, telling her she’s also wrong to move in with Riggs when he cheated on her. But Megan points out that he’s a hypocrite, because Owen had cheated on Cristina, and then, of course, there’s always Teddy.

She also tells Owen something he doesn’t know — she cheated on Riggs first. She explains what happened before she got on the chopper, how she fought with Riggs when he asked for the ring back because she assumed he cheated on her. The real story was that Riggs had cheated too and the ring wasn’t his to give away, it was someone else’s and Megan had assumed it was hers. So Riggs had panicked and proposed. He still wanted to marry her, but Megan was so angry she told Owen just to put her on the chopper because she didn’t want to ride back with Riggs.

Megan spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to be happy, and she lost a lot of time thanks to her kidnapping, and now all she wants to do is have a life with Riggs and be happy with what she has. And this decision spurs something in Owen, who goes back and realizes that he’s not happy with Amelia in his marriage. Turns out, she feels the same way — they had both gotten married before they really knew each other, and it hadn’t been the right decision, even though they did care for each other. Poor Amelia. She really has been through hell and back these past few episodes.

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