Grey鈥檚 Anatomy alum Sara Ramirez is returning to TV 鈥 though not, as fans surely hope, on Grey鈥檚 or the beloved series鈥 new firefighter spinoff. Instead, she鈥檒l be popping up as a series regular on Madam Secretary.

As the iconic Bebe Neuwirth leaves the CBS hit behind, Ramirez will be joining the cast as Kat Sandoval, described by E! News as 鈥渁 brilliant political strategist, legendary in DC for her talent and for abruptly dropping out of politics until Elizabeth manages to coax her back into the State Department.鈥 It sounds like a perfect role for the actress, who played Dr. Callie Torres on more than 200 episodes of Grey鈥檚 before saying goodbye at the end of season 12.

Ramirez is currently the voice of Queen Miranda on Sofia the First, but from the looks of her latest Twitter post, it鈥檚 clear that she鈥檚 ready to step in front of the cameras again.

Grey鈥檚 fans may not recognize her when she does, though. Instead of long black hair and a lab coat, she鈥檚 slaying a side-shave with a slick suit, complete with suspenders. 鈥淐an鈥檛 wait for you to meet Kat on Nov. 19! #KatSandoval @MadamSecretary #CBS,鈥 she captioned the photo, noting the date when she鈥檒l make her big debut.

鈥淲e鈥檙e very excited that Sara is joining the cast,鈥 executive producer and series creator Barbara Hall said in a statement about the news. 鈥淪he brings a fresh perspective and a fun, energetic quality to the State Department staff.鈥

Executive producer Lori McCreary added, 鈥淲e are thrilled to have Sara join the Madam Secretary State Department team. From the moment she walked on set with her talent, intellect, and spirit, she became part of the family!鈥

We can鈥檛 wait to see how the series brings Ramirez鈥檚 new character into the fold when Madam Secretary airs Sundays at 10pm on CBS.

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(Photo via Vivian Zink/ABC via Getty)