**Warning: This post contains spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, stop reading!**

We’re one week away from the Grey’s Anatomy season finale, and you know what that means… it’s time for some DRAMA in all caps. I can’t say I’m terribly surprised. When has Grey’s NOT pulled out all the stops for a finale? Or killed someone off? Or left someone hanging in terrible peril? You’d think there would be a limit after 13 seasons, but anyway…

In this penultimate episode, Owen was surprised by some unexpected visitors — members of the Army Human Resources, who brought news of his sister, Meghan. Obviously, Owen didn’t deal with this very well and, like many doctors on the show, instead of dealing with his feelings, he went straight to work. Perhaps not his best idea, eh? Unsurprisingly, Owen’s emotions got the best of him as he tried to treat a baby who was having trouble breathing. April wanted to follow protocol, but Owen went rogue, forcing the baby to spit up a penny she must have swallowed. Instead of talking calmly to the parents about how serious the situation was, he blamed them instead, and told them next time they should call for an ambulance. The parents were shook (understandably so), but Arizona and Amelia came by to assure them the baby was doing a-okay. Still, they wanted to hold it for observation, just to be doubly sure.

When Amelia found out how Owen had (poorly) handled the sitch, she was in shock, and tried to talk to him, but he blew her off, because feelings talk isn’t a *thing* in their relationship. Amelia, feeling the blow of his silent treatment, went to complain to Meredith, but Meredith had her own drama to deal with — she invited Riggs to dinner with her kids for their very first meeting. Needless to say, that entailed some fireworks in and of itself, and Meredith was quickly worried she had pushed things too soon.

Amelia calmed the situation down, but she still didn’t feel okay about Owen, so she went to talk to him again. Thankfully, this time, he was able to open up. He told her about his sister, leading Amelia to believe that Megan may be dead. But actually, she was very much alive. She had been held in a rebel house when everyone else had been forced to abandon it, and now she was fine in Germany. Owen had felt guilty about moving on with anything while his sister was captured, so he had denied the fact that she could’ve been alive. Amelia took charge and made the call for him to find out that, yes, Megan was still kicking.

She got her transferred to their hospital, and tried to help Owen, but… oh right, Riggs. Riggs, Megan’s husband despite separation, who was still legally married to her. So Amelia’s attempts to help fell flat, and now everyone was in a bit of relationship turmoil. Meredith went home and tried to make dinner for Riggs, but there was a bigger issue at hand: The hospital had apparently gone into lockdown after a rapist named Keith escaped and took Stephanie as his hostage. Stephanie had gotten herself caught in the crosshairs of the situation, as she had gotten kind of attached to the patient. He claimed he just HAD to see his girlfriend, who was in the car with him during the accident that brought them to the hospital, but she wouldn’t realize until later that his “girlfriend” had actually tried to kill him. Remember when Minnick expressed worry last week that Stephanie was getting too attached to her patients because of her own trauma? Well, she was right. But did Stephanie go to therapy? Nope. Sadly, Richard signed off on her return, even though she had been put on leave.

Stephanie was upset with herself for being taken advantage of, and ended up getting stuck in a corridor with Keith and a child that had wandered off. He wanted to start a fire to open the door and use the child as a shield, but luckily, Stephanie was there to thwart his plans, and she chose to set Keith on fire instead while taking cover. Unfortunately, Keith got a little too close to the oxygen tanks and the explosion was WAY worse than they expected. We don’t know if Stephanie’s dead or not, but with next week’s finale on the way, we should probably prepare for the worst. Maybe Shonda will have pity on us, right? I mean, we NEED Stephanie!

Oh, and in Alex and Jo news, Alex FINALLY went after Jo’s ex-husband, and you can imagine how well THAT went over. Don’t mess with Alex Karev and the people he cares about!

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