This Is the Secret Ingredient to Growing Your Hair
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This Is the Secret Ingredient to Growing Your Hair

Previously on the man bun growth saga: I discovered (and started using) multiple hair products, trained my mane with clips and picked up a paddle brush. So, what’s this week got in store? Biotin!

That’s right, after taming my curls with leave-in conditioner and hair lotion, it’s time to step up this hair growth process so my baby bun can transform into a big and beautiful one.

Last week I began a tool-to-scalp tactic to stimulate hair growth: the paddle brush. Wishing I was currently using it at my desk, TBH. This week’s method is more ingestible. I need this process to speed up, so whatever it takes, right?

That edible approach is biotin, a nutrient known for strengthening and stimulating the growth of nails, skin cells and, most important for me, hair. While there are plenty of over-the-counter biotin supplement options, I chose to go the chewable gummy route rather than a horse pill. When given the option, always choose the gummy version.

The chewy that caught my eye — mainly because it sounded delicious — is from SF-based vitamin co OLLY. Insider secret: The company will be at Re:Make giving out samples.

There are a couple of reasons OLLY Undeniable Beauty ($14) stuck out to me, ultimately joining my man-bun-growing regimen. The chewable comes in a delicious grapefruit flavor while also packing vitamin C (helps make your skin glow) and borage oil (skin disorder protector) into its tiny circular shape. A tasty vitamin that makes my hair grow and gives me undeniable beauty?! Sounds like a win-win all around.

Though suuuuuper yummy (seriously it’s hard to only have two chewies per day) I must say after indulging in these healthy two-a-days for nearly a month now I kinda feel like they haven’t increased the length of my locks. BUT my hair totally feels stronger and looks naturally shinier than it did pre-biotin/pre-man bun journey. Regardless of that minor W, all I really want (what I really, really want) is longer hair for a more impressive man bun. So step it up and do your job, biotin!

Another seven days passed and (possibly) a few more centimeters of hair length has gone down on my scalp to help develop this growing man bun. Until next time, leave all hair growth alternatives and other ideas in the comments or tweet ’em to us @britandco. TTYNW ;)

Do you take a biotin pill for hair growth or to maintain healthy locks? Got any tips, tricks or hacks for growing out this little man bun of mine? Share it all with me in the comments!