This Korean Beauty Product Is the Perfect Overnight Leave-In Conditioner
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This Korean Beauty Product Is the Perfect Overnight Leave-In Conditioner

Aaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back with another man bun moment.

Throughout this bun-growing journey I embarked on nearly two months ago, I’ve learned a lot, started using a variety of products (biotin, for example) and even squeezed in a little bit of a trim last week. One thing I hadn’t uncovered until recently, though, is the secret of Korean beauty products. Wow, was I missing out!

After spending the day exploring San Francisco’s Japantown one weekend, I discovered some creatively packaged hair products. And since I’m currently in the midst of this lengthy experience, I’m curious about any and all hair-related items. So when my eyes fell upon a leave-in conditioner whose shape and design were similar to a Heinz Yellow Mustard bottle, I knew I had to investigate.

Turns out it wasn’t hair mustard (LOL, duh!). The condiment-shaped product was actually TONYMOLY Haeyo Zayo Hair Sleeping Pack ($16 on Urban Outfitters or $22 on Amazon).

I was ready to take the confused-for-a-BBQ-condiment hair helper home and lather it in my mane immediately after reading the label and finding out that it’s good for all hair types and consists of vanilla extract, lavender oil and coconut. Then once I got to the part that said the hair sleeping pack “supplies intensive nourishment to your hair overnight,” I nearly bought it in bulk. No worries — I restrained myself ;)

Since making the Korean leave-in conditioner a part of my nightly routine for several weeks now (previous pre-bedtime products Marula Oil + Olive Oil Hair Lotion alternate mornings these days) I’ve definitely noticed my hair has felt and looked healthier. It could simply be this overnight remedy or (hopefully) the result of the hodgepodge of tactics I’ve tried to make styling and growing my budding bun easier and more efficient.

When it comes to this particular product, I do have one side note. Though the TONYMOLY product doesn’t smell as good as you’d imagine a concoction crafted with vanilla, coconut and lavender would, at least it doesn’t smell like yellow mustard. Scent aside, it’s definitely doing its nocturnal work that it promised, and for that I approve.

Outtakes too cute not to share: My Boston Terrier Brie and me. Check out the fab life she leads on Instagram @bonjourbrie. Trust me, she’s preeeeeeeeeeeetty cool ;)

See ya next week when I share the latest progress on my growing man bun. As always, send me all of your commentary (good, bad, tips, hacks, etc.) in the comments or tweet us @britandco because any hair help is good hair help.

Do you use a leave-in conditioner overnight? If so, what brand? Also, do you have any man bun tips or tricks? Share it all with us in the comments.