Whether you’re addicted to Pokemon Go or Instagram, it is incredibly easy to go way overboard on your monthly data allotment. If you, like us, always seem to use more data than you should, we’ve got a little-known hack to help you cut back on your data.

Happy young woman reading text message on mobile phone

When you’re browsing on your phone and using data, your service provider transfers information from a website to your phone. But there’s a way to make the service provider first download the information itself and then send you a compressed version of what they’ve found. It uses a LOT less data and the difference in quality is pretty slight.

To use this feature (called “data compression”), you’ll need to use Chrome as your web browser. Download it (if you haven’t already), then open Chrome’s menu and hit “Settings.” Go to “Advanced,” then “Bandwidth Management.” There will be a slider on “Reduce data usage.” Make sure that’s on and then you’re good to go!


The one caveat to this whole thing is that it does sacrifice your privacy. Google will be able to see your entire browser history via Chrome’s data compression — but then again, doesn’t Google already know absolutely everything we do online anyways?

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