We’ve all had them: hair problems. Because of those split ends, a color job gone bad or — eeeek! — a nightmarish DIY bang trim (been there, and nothing’s worse), our hair can feel like a blessing and a curse. That’s where this series comes into play. In every installation of Hair Problems, we ask our network of hair experts about the most annoying issues real girls are dealing with, and they sound off with the solutions.

The Problem: You’re bored with your current hairstyle and are in need of a fresh, new ‘do for spring. While you might not want to opt for a super drastic change (bangs! color! undercut tattoos!), a new season is a great time to switch things up a bit. Whether you’re rocking a new spin on your current ‘do (thanks to a newly placed part), debuting a totally different style or opting for a less styled look for a change, embrace the change in the weather with a change in your look! Our seven hair experts have pro advice for how to update your hair in ways that are 100% spring-approved and will put a little pep in your step.

Young beautiful woman having her hair cut at the hairdresser's.


Sarah Potempa, Celebrity Hairstylist + Inventor,The Beachwaver ($199): “Head to Instagram for inspiration! Look for someone that has similar hair color and texture to yours. Check @theBeachwaver for great hair pics and my page for unique braids and styles. As a celebrity hairstylist, I’m always challenged with creating new styles for my clients. Imagery is the best way to come up with new styles, and having the right tools to style your hair daily can change your life!”

Christyn Nawrot, National Educator, PHYTO: “Bored with your hair but not ready for a new cut or color? Rejuvenate your hairstyle with this simple trick: Change the way you part your hair! Instead of the same old parting, switch it from left to right or right down the center! This gives a completely new look without cutting or coloring your locks. Add a springy, seasonal clip or hair tie to complete your new look.”

Ricky Pennisi, Founder + Leading Stylist,Ri Ci: “Bangs are a great way to add a quick and dramatic change to your look without drastically changing the length of your hair, or causing any damage through color. If you have a square face, cut heavy bangs, as they soften the face and create a dramatic look that focuses on showcasing the eyes. If you have a round face, the right bang cut can actually give the illusion that the face is longer. The bangs should be graphic, thick and hit just above the eyebrows. If you have a heart face, bangs should focus on making the top feel less heavy. Here is where I prefer to do a great side swept bang. Finally, if you have an oval face, have some fun. Nearly any type of fringe that hits right below the brow bone will accentuate this face shape.”

Sheenon Olson, Celebrity Hairstylist + Creative Director,ATMA Beauty: “For most of us, spring means longer days and more time in the sun. With a fresh tan, many of us look better with lighter hair. A great alternative to a full head of highlights is to take that grown-out ombré and add a veil of ‘baby lights’ around the face. Be sure to ask your stylist to grab a few pieces of hair around the back of the head at the hair line so that when hair is up in a ponytail it looks natural.”

Mirza Botanovic, Hairstylist + Educator,Eufora: “The quickest way to refresh any ‘do without hours of time or long-term commitment is by using a gloss to add shine to the color and restore vibrancy. This can be done in 30 minutes at your salon, and is much more cost effective than a traditional color treatment like highlights.”

Korina Stratton, Hairstylist + Makeup Artist, Sam Hill Salon: “Try on some wigs for fun to get an idea of what colors and lengths look good on you, and bring your most honest girlfriend along to snap photos of you — she’ll give you her honest opinion!”

Terrence Michael Renk, Creative Director,ProRituals Professional Haircare: “Natural texture is a fashion ‘yes,’ and bob-length hair is a hot trend for spring. For those looking to make a cut, I recommend ‘lobbing it off’ and starting spring with a new shorter look. If you prefer to keep your hair long, then try rocking your natural texture for an easy change. However, natural texture means hair must be healthy so it doesn’t frizz. A trip to the hairstylist to trim of all those dead ends is always a good idea!”

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