For those of us who are dry shampoo devotees (or late sleepers), being able to rock two- or three-day hair is essential. Skipping daily or bi-weekly shampoo time (鈥榮up, snooze button?) can not only be beneficial to the health of your hair, but it can also give our strands the grit and texture needed to slay certain 鈥榙os. Regardless of your hair type, there are styles that actually work better on unwashed locks, so skip the suds and take note of TRESemm茅 global stylist Justine Marjan鈥檚 tips instead.


If you have straight hair, let the natural oils in your mane work in your favor for a glossy, streamlined look that can do no wrong. 鈥淪leek ponytails and buns are great on dirty hair because the extra grease will give the hair hold and shine without having to load on products,鈥 Marjan says. 鈥淛ust brush the hair back into a low ponytail, run a straightener through the length for an extra straight finish, and add a small amount of shine serum for added reflection.鈥 To elevate your holiday hair game, consider adding some glitter for instant party-ready pizzazz. (Photo via Dan MacMedan/Getty)


The texture of wavy hair gives off an instantly styled feel, so you鈥檙e already on your way to a statement style. 鈥淭he added texture from days-old product residue can give the hair extra volume and make the halfie even fluffier,鈥 Marjan tells us. 鈥淚 suggest spraying TRESemm茅 Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo ($5) before gathering the hair up to give more movement and grip.鈥 A high halfie will conceal oiliness while still looking like you put thought into your style. (Photo via Karwai Tang/Getty)

Deep Side ParT

Good news: You can skip the lather if you have curls. 鈥淐urly hair tends to look better dirty because it needs the extra moisture and product to give the curls bounce and separation,鈥 explains Marjan. 鈥淎dding a super deep side part will break up lingering oil and add a refreshed look to second day, curly hair.鈥 Finishing with a lightweight hair mist will help add back structure and smooth out any kinks. (Photo via Dominique Charriau/Getty)


Take a less-is-more approach when it comes to keeping texturized, lived-in locks looking revitalized by working with what you鈥檝e got instead of breaking out hot tools or more product. 鈥淎 chic chignon for texturized hair is ideal because you can use the hair鈥檚 natural oils to slick the hair back without having to worry about additional heat damage or having to add more product,鈥 Marjan explains. Let the wispy hairs fall out naturally for flattering face-framing. (Photo via Dan Arnold/Getty)


If you haven鈥檛 had time to do a full wash on your tresses, no worries 鈥 the curl-hawk is here to save the day (and your curly-to-coily mane). 鈥淚t鈥檚 so much fun to do playful updos on natural hair textures, and a curl-hawk looks super stylish,鈥 Marjan says. 鈥淕ather hair from the sides and secure with an elastic or pin until you鈥檝e worked your way down the hair, and fluff up the curl-hawk in the center with your fingers.鈥 (Photo via Steve Granitz/Getty)

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