We thought we’d seen it all after the release of the hairy-chest bathing suit that had Twitter in a tizzy, but apparently, the furry fun is just getting started! Custom clothing company Contrado has not only seen Beloved Shirts’ shaggy swimwear; they’ve raised it one pair of leggings ($44). That’s right! Someone took the liberty of creating a design that would cover up their legs with an outer layer of printed… hair. And lucky for you, you can get just the pair to match your skin tone — the company has created them in four different inclusive hues to fool onlookers into believing that this just might be the real deal.

Shocking though they might be, Contrado editor Claire Belle Freed says she wasn’t too surprised to see the, erm, unique style pop up. “We are seeing more and more customers create outrageously funny, intimate, and even taboo designs,” she revealed to the Daily Mail. “From naked body parts on men’s boxers and women’s underwear…there isn’t anything we haven’t seen. Nothing shocks us anymore!”

If you sense a trend brewing, you’re certainly not wrong: As Teen Vogue reported, they’ve been around in China since at least 2013, with even mainstream brand J. Crew getting in on the action.

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THESE ARE LEGGINGS ... that I'm buying

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We knew that millennial shaving habits were in the midst of a revolution, but we never would have dreamed of speeding up the process with pre-printed hairy apparel.

Welcome to the future?

Pick up your new fur here.

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(h/t Teen Vogue; photos via Contrado UK)