Last year, newlyweds Erica and Yogi put our Halloween obsession to the test with a wedding photoshoot that’s downright haunted house-worthy. We’re talking a blood-splattered wedding dress, special effects zombie makeup and even the occasional vampire bite. We’ll definitely be adding these to our next roundup of wacky wedding photos, but in honor of today’s Big Day, we thought we’d shine a spooky spotlight on Erica and Yogi’s Big Day. Thinking of scheduling your own nuptials on or around Halloween? Take some tips from this awesome pair and add these must-have elements to your event.

Fog Machine: Nothing says creepy quite like the dense clouds created by a fog machine. Plus, it makes for fab photobooth sessions.

Fall Foliage: You can’t get that fall feeling without some orange leaves in the background.

Golden Hour: The sun at Golden Hour is everyone’s BFF. Capture that newlywed glow just before sunset.

Special Effects Makeup: After their ceremony, the wedding guests attended a costume-only reception and danced to the “Monster Mash” — okay, that last part we’re just assuming but we’d bet at least some moola on it. In addition to getting someone to do the makeup for your wedding, you’ll need an sfx artist to layer on the gory effects for your reception. It’s like the Halloween wedding version of switching to the little white reception dress…

Zombie Walk: Get into character with a little zombie walk or a vampire bite.

Go Vintage: Erica’s vintage-inspired dress complete with beadwork and buttons up the back is perfect for that throwback horror.

A Bit of Blood: Recall some of your favorite horror flicks with a photoshoot fit to cover a classic scary DVD.

Read more about Erica and Yogi’s big day right here!

Would you throw a horror wedding? Let us know what you think in the comments!

(Photos via Tree of Life Films)