Egg nog or champagne may leave you in high spirits this holiday season, but one too many sips of them can leave you dispirited the morning after when your head is aching. If your usual remedy for the ensuing next-day hangover is to reach for a gnarly concoction of ingredients like a hair of the dog, there’s a tastier solution available across the pond. London-based snack company Serious Pig is offering up a cured meat that can cure hangovers and snack cravings in one shot.


After nursing their own hangovers at the pub one night, the charcuterie’s owners, George Rice and Johnny Bradshaw, decided that they didn’t want to let hangovers put a damper on their festivities. They set out to invent a snack that could effectively stop hangover symptoms dead in their tracks, and the Serious Pig Snackingham was invented.


The cured pork snack reportedly contains 100 percent meat and a heavy helping of spices that are shown to be effective in fighting hangover symptoms of nausea, fatigue and headaches. The most potent ingredients are ginger, known to combat nausea, and chili, a feel-good endorphin-booster.

For best results, don’t wait until the morning after drinks when hangover symptoms are at their peak. Instead, it is advised that consumers snack on Snackinghams throughout the evening in between holiday drinks to ease the hangover effect. Nibbling on amino-acid-rich protein while drinking may head off hangover symptoms by boosting the production of neurotransmitters that send signals throughout the body for optimal functioning.

Cured meats as a delicious hangover cure? Brilliant.

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(h/t The Digital Newsroom, photos via Serious Pig)