We know that summer nights are long and the living comes easy, but nothing ruins a good morning like a hangover. Here are 10 beauty tips to keep you looking — and feeling — fresh every morning. Even after a night of cocktails… specifically these mojitos. We’ve got you covered with everything from what to drink when you wake up to how to navigate your morning skin routine.

1. Hydrate: Ease into the day with a big glass of fruit-infused water! You will feel refreshed and rehydrated with each sip. (via Brit + Co)

2. Yummy Face Mask: Wake up your skin with this DIY face mask! Give yourself a facial and an energy boost, and fix a delish sandwich while you’re at it! (You’ll need the protein :-X) (via Brit + Co)

3. Moisturize: Replenish your skin with plenty of moisturizer (the more, the better). Use a mint-based lotion to make your skin feel extra alert and even calm an upset tummy. (via The Nerdy Farm Wife)

4. Depuff With Teabags: Puffy eyes? Hold a cold teabag under each eye for five minutes for a tighter look and a few peaceful moments of zen. (via Good Housekeeping)

5. Dry Shampoo: No time to wash your hair? No problem! With a little bit of dry shampoo and a quick second-day ‘do, you’ll be looking freshly showered in no time! (via Brit + Co)

6. Highlight + Contour: Strategic highlighting and contouring will brighten your face in all the right places! Give the appearance of dewey, rested skin without a full night’s rest. (via Brit + Co)

7. Touch of Blush: Add a touch of pink to the apples of your cheeks. This tip will brighten your face (and your day) in just a few strokes! (via Harpers Bazaar)

8. Be Bold: Parched lips? With a little bit of moisturizing lip balm and bright color, you’ll be looking as bold as the day is young. (via Brit + Co)

9. Open Up: Enhance your lashes with an eyelash curler! This quick remedy makes your eyes look bigger and makes you look more awake, even if you don’t want to be! (via Beaty High)

10. White Eyeliner: Lighten your eyes with white eyeliner (just the inside waterline will do… though that pic above is sure pretty!). Your eyes will look less red and you’ll appear fresh and ready for the day. (via Cosmopolitan)

Are you a night owl and an early bird? Which early-morning remedy is your go-to? Tell us in the comments below!