You know we love a good happy hour around these parts, and we want you to get in on the action. That’s why we’ve stocked our shop with everything you need to make your happy hour the most stylish one around.

1. Painted Bottle Opener ($34): First up, these colorful bottle openers will brighten up any pale ale ;)

2. Party Decanter ($14): If you’re mixing up a batch of cocktails, we love the vintage vibe of a lovely carafe.

3. White Whale Cocktail Mixers ($30 for 3): With names like The Filthy Liar and Auntie’s Old Fashioned, you can safely assume these mixers are pretty darn flavorful.

4. Cuba Knit Beverage Insulator ($12): Embarrassed by how much you love a cold bottle of Coors? Put a sweater on it.

5. Texas Grapefruit Shrub ($13): This shrub is created with Rio Star grapefruits, a variety unique to South Texas. It’s a sweet and tart mixer, perfect for mixing up a tricked out Greyhound.

6. Laser Cut Leather Coasters ($45): These stylish coasters will add a colorful note to any bar.

7. The Pink Shot Flask ($25): You knew you loved the shot flask, but did you know it came in pink?!

8. Set of 48 Striped Straws ($12): No bar is complete without a solid collection of colorful straws.

9. Gold Leaf Cocktail Glasses ($56 for 4): Lastly, you’re going to need glasses to serve those cocktails in. Cheers!

What other barware would you like to see in the Brit + Co. Shop? Share links with us in the comments below.