Star Wars makeup has nothing on the latest line of nerdy lipsticks to make headlines.

Earlier today, BuzzFeed blew our mind with reports that cosmetics co LA Splash created six liquid lipsticks inspired by Harry Potter characters. The glosses range in color from the dark purple Bellatrix to the maroon Ravenclaw (Sidenote: um, why? Ravenclaw’s color is blue) and the perfectly blush Hermione. They look like just the right colors for fall especially if you finally got your Hogwarts letter.

These colors are 14 bucks a pop and can be purchased on the LA Splash website (warning: they’re #breakingtheinternet — the website is currently down). They’re not officially endorsed by Rowling but they have the Hermione approved bonus of being cruelty free (no word on how many house elves were harmed in the making though).

If you need help conjuring up some makeup tips check out our lipstick tutorials here. We solemnly swear that we are up to some good… makeup!

(h/t Buzzfeed, Photo via Warner Bros. Pictures)