If you secretly dream of amortentia potions, wands made of unicorn hair and (mostly) casting the Stupefying Charm on your little one while you change their diaper, you might need to incorporate some of that Harry Potter magic into your nursery decor. Don’t worry — we’re not going to suggest a moving staircase or secret passageways (although that would be cool). With the right Hogwarts-worthy nursery accessories, you — yes, you! — can create a magical space for your little one. Whether you’re looking for a cozy Hedwig, spell-casting wall art or lighting worthy of the Great Hall, these 14 Harry Potter-inspired nursery interior finds are just the thing to turn your baby into a Potterhead — no sorcery required.


1. Hey Love Designs Free Printable Harry Potter Quote: Anyone who knows will say this line activates the Marauder’s Map to reveal the location of every person on the grounds. Sounds pretty magical, and like a spell most moms would love to have in their arsenal. Since your little one will undoubtedly get up to a few mischievous things, use this free customizable wall art to let them know you’ve got your eye on them. (via Hey Love Designs)


2. Pati Designs Geometric Deathly Hallows Throw Pillow ($20): Bring in a serious dose of pastel power with a Deathly Hallows throw pillow. Keep your nursery reading nook or play corner spell-free with this colorful one-of-a-kind throw pillow.


3. Brit + Co Cardboard Deer Head ($30): Your little tyke will always feel protected with this stag watching over them. The Dementors don’t stand a chance with this homage to your Patronus standing guard.


4. Stuffed Safari Plush Baby Snow Owl ($13): Every little wizard needs a Hedwig in their life. The baby monitor is all fine and dandy for communication, but those parcels (and diapers) won’t carry themselves.


5. Madly Wish Wizard Fitted Crib Sheet ($65): Indoctrinate the little one with Harry Potter’s signature round spectacles as soon as they open their eyes. This crib sheet set is printed with Harry’s iconic glasses and lightning scar for an adorable graphic print.


6. Target Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib ($330): Earn major house points for effortless transfiguration from crib to toddler bed with this stylish look. You’ll definitely earn a spot in Professor McGonagall’s good books.


7. Well Said Creations Harry Potter Herbology Print ($25): Be careful where you hang this print: Those ingredient ideas will have your little one concocting their own brews and Polyjuice Potion in no time. As for the official elixir, leeches, boomslang skin and bicorn horn are sold separately.


8. PBteen Geo Burst Rug ($169+): With a wave of your wand, this pretty rug completely transforms your space. Whether you’re reading or playing or napping, this geometric teal textile will definitely add a touch of magic.


9. The Land of Nod Not So Nocturnal Table Lamp ($79): Summon an owl to send love to baby while they’re down for a nap. Just make sure to read that Hogwarts acceptance letter, or it’ll keep getting delivered.


10. Flux Glass Triangle Circle Wall Mirror ($68): With the Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone and Cloak of Invisibility, you’re equipped to handle anything that comes your way. Use them wisely, and hang this mirror right above the changing table to make sure baby’s OOTD is on track.


11. The Land of Nod Neo Rocking Chair ($499): New moms will wish they could use the Stupefying Charm during the wee hours of the night, but you don’t need the Stunning Spell in your arsenal if you’re rocking in this mod chair. It’ll pretty much have the same effect on your little one.


12. Wayfair Sea Gull Lighting Plymouth 3 Light Chandelier ($171): When you think of the Great Hall, you think of floating candles and the enchanted ceiling. Imagine sitting in the nursery and seeing candles suspended with this pretty little chandelier.


13. The Land of Nod Luxe Star Cloud Mobile ($98): Instead of painting the ceiling with clouds to mimic the ceiling in the Great Hall at Hogwarts, hang this puffy cloud mobile over their crib. And since you don’t want any pesky wrackspurts taking over baby’s brain, stick with the twinkle stars instead.


14. PBteen The Emily + Merritt Travelers Trunk ($299): Your little ones will need somewhere to store their wands (or toys, stuffed animals and books) for easy access, and this gilded trunk perfectly fits the bill. Use the trunk as a night stand table or fill it with extra blankets and diapers until they get a little bigger.

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