There are two big bummers when it comes to slipping on that life-saving winter hat when it’s cold out. First, the static cling that gets your strands in a serious tizzy (not cute) and second, the impending hat hair that follows. Don’t think the only way to power through is to beanie up for days on end: There’s a simple hair hack you can use to decrease the chances of extra static-y strands and give you guaranteed gorgeous overnight hairstyles the next day. This is about to be your go-to style for the rest of winter. Promise.


Introducing the Twin Braid Twist, a braid that will work under any hat, keep pesky layered strands from poking out of your braid and give you a fuller-looking braid in seconds. And then there’s the gorgeous next-day waves that go along with it. This style works with shoulder-length or longer hair that’s any texture or thickness, with any amount of layering. Follow along with our gorgeous model Bella and get ready to bundle up

Step 1: Make a Low Pony


First, we’re going to pony up! We did a low ponytail here because of the hat we were using, but feel free to adjust where your ponytail starts based on the length of your hair and your hat of the day.

Step 2: Split Your Pony in Half + Create 2 Braids


Divide hair in two halves of equal thickness, then braid each section. No worries if any strands stick out during your braiding — we’ve got the perfect solution up next.


Secure your first pony with an elastic. We did a traditional braid here, but you can try any type of braid with this look!


Once both of your strands are braided, set your hair with a holding spray. Pro tip: During this time of year, I’d recommend also using a static-reducing spray like R+Co Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray ($27) for further help with the elements.

Step 3: Thicken With a Twist


Cute, right? But those pesky layers — let’s get rid of them with this trick! Simply twist both braids around each other to instantly make your braid look thicker and not have any bothersome layers sticking out.


Layers, be gone! (We love this chic, little trick). Now that you’ve learned it, don’t you want to share it with everyone you know?

Finishing Touches: Style Your Hat


This might be the easiest way to dress up a beanie, but we also love this look with puffy earmuffs or a wide-brimmed wool number. Switch up the height a little if you want to wear a winter headband. However you choose to wear it, this braid looks is great from every angle *and* stays put once you remove your hat.


Don’t forget, you’ll be rocking some killer fresh waves when you let your hair out of your braid. Just run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the waves and use a dry shampoo like Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk ($9) to take care of the extra oil and give your roots a boost. Winter hair just got fun, fierce and fabulous!


Hair and Art Direction by Maritza Buelvas
Photography by Jennifer Coffey
Modeling by Bella Wholey

Will you be giving this braid a whirl this winter? Please share your DIY masterpiece with us @BritandCo.