Do you sacrifice beauty prep for beauty rest? We’ve found 10 hairstyles that will help you feel good about sleeping in (which you should) by letting you wake up ready to go. Complete all these looks before you go to bed, rise and shine and your hair is done for the day. Slap on some makeup, and consider yourself well rested, put together and beautiful!

1. French Fishtail Slip Braid: This look starts with a French braid, then transitions into a fishtail and ends with a slip braid. Finish your masterpiece with hairspray before hitting the sack. In the morning, you’ll look like you woke up early to create this knockout braid. (via Brit + Co)

2. Wavy: Separate your hair into four sections, and create four rope braids. Then, wind the two back braids around each other until a chignon is formed. Wrap the other two sections around the chignon. In the morning, simply unwind the braids and tousle your hair with your fingers. P.S. We are loving the braided chignon, too! If you don’t feel like letting your lock loose, rock it in the AM for an elegant look! (via Refinery29)

3. Sock Curls: All you need for this look is a sock. Cut the end off that sock and roll your hair up into a sock bun. When your alarm goes off the next day, unroll and spritz with hairspray for extra hold. (via Lovelyish)

4. Overnight Pixie: Don’t feel pressured to shower every morning just because you’re rocking a pixie cut. Before bed, spray your hair with dry shampoo. (via Refinery29)

5. Braided Bun: Want to rock a French braid, mini braids and a ponytail in one style? Do this ‘do the night before and douse with hairspray for extra hold. In the AM, show off a head full of braids! (via Brit + Co)

6. Fishtail Bun: You can do this look right after your shower. Just put your hair in a tight ponytail and fishtail braid your pony. Then, wrap your braid around until it forms a bun and pin in place. Spray all over with hairspray. This look is especially good for all you stomach-sleepers. (via Hair Romance)

7. Mega Volume: Get tons of volume while you sleep with a stocking. Put your hair in a high pony, wrap a few Velcro rollers in the pony and cover it with a stocking. In the morning, take the rollers out, toss your hair a few times and head for the door. (via Fox in Flats)

8. Sock Bun: You can create a sock bun with a tube sock or a hair donut. After creating a tight ponytail, just roll your hair over the sock, creating a bun. You can do this before bed with wet or dirty hair. The best part? The sock bun serves as an extra pillow ;) If your bun falls a little during the night, unroll the bun for wavy hair! (via Wedding Chicks)

9. Friar Tuck: This two-in-one look is an overnight ‘do that will last you multiple days. For the initial look, simply tuck damp hair into a headband. Go ahead and sleep on it. Add dry shampoo in the morning for ready-to-wear hair. The next day, take the tuck out and rock effortless waves. (via Aunie Sauce)

10. Va-Va-Voom Hair: Can you believe you can get this look overnight?! After your shower, let your hair dry a bit. When it’s just damp, create rag curls by rolling sections of hair over strips of paper towel or a soft sponge. In the morning, unroll the curls and gently separate the coils for added volume. (via Refinery29)

Love these overnight hairdos? Which will you try tonight? Tell us in the comments below!