Imagine someone asks us, “Brit, Brit, quite contrary… how does your garden grow?” That’s an interesting question in our case. By “garden” do they they mean the overwatered herbs on the kitchen counter or the dust bowl was once a tomato plant on the balcony? No, they must mean the succulents, which are still alive… we think. Needless to say, some of us need all the help we can get to create a beautiful garden, and luckily the HEDGE line of planters by Cora Neil Design is there to lend a hand. At least our future plants will die in something as stunning as these bright, geometric gems.

Jokes aside, how gorgeous are these planters?! Unlike the ubiquitous terra cotta planters or eyesore plastic ones, HEDGE planters have a colorful, modern design. They look like they belong in the 21st century, which is why hundreds of backers have pledged to fund their Kickstarter campaign (they’ve already reached their goal and still have weeks left to go!). HEDGE brings the garden off the ground, so the planters are especially well-suited to small-space living — though we can’t imagine any room or outdoor space they wouldn’t brighten.

It was important to Neil to support other American makers (girl after our own heart), so each HEDGE planter will be manufactured by Smith + Company, a family-owned business in Los Angeles that’s been around since 1933. They’ll come in a few different styles, and we’re already clearing a spot for a collection in our living room. The mini Marian pendants mount on the wall in just two shakes, while the Beatrix and Gertrude planters prefer to hang around from an overhang or ceiling hook. There’s also good ol’ Florence, which is a cool wall trellis system that will allow you to build a green wall without as much dirty work.

We can’t wait to get our hands on this California-made magic. How about you?