Y’all, the #SummerOfShania is coming. As if a new Faith Hill and Tim McGraw joint album wasn’t good enough news in the country music department, superstar Shania Twain recently announced that her first new album in 15 years would be coming out in September. Yes — we freaked out too.

With the news of her album, Twain also announced that her new single “Life’s About to Get Good” is set to hit the airwaves in June, and while the song title is a reflection of her new positive life outlook, things weren’t always so sunny — in fact, they got downright scary for a while there.

“I’m a different singer now,” Twain recently admitted in a Rolling Stone interview, discussing the vocal cord disorder that kept her out of the studio for all those years. She went to vocal therapy to deal with trouble speaking and had to learn to sing almost from scratch, resulting in a voice that’s slightly deeper than we remember. “There was a lot of coming to terms with that,” she said. “It’s been one of the obstacles in my life I’ve just had to learn to live with.”

The vocal problems are believed to have stemmed from the stress of her divorce from producer and husband Robert “Mutt” Lange, finalized in 2010. Lange had fallen in love with Twain’s longtime friend, and years later it was revealed that Twain was actually engaged to her friend’s ex-husband. Twain says the entire ordeal has taught her a lot about herself, and it’s no doubt we’ll hear more about it on the new album.

While she doesn’t have plans for any additional shows just yet, we’re MORE than happy to have any new Shania at all, and can’t wait to dig into the personal new album.

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(h/t Rolling Stone; photos via Christopher Polk, Mike Coppola/Getty)