Cara Delevingne wasn鈥檛 the only one dealing with internet drama this week: Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder unwittingly caused an absolute internet frenzy when they sat down for a chat with Dr. Berlin for his Informed Pregnancy podcast to discuss their family planning methods. Now, they鈥檝e released a joint statement on behalf of both parties to further express their thoughts on the matter.

The trouble began after the couple made the admission that their decision to have a baby involved Somerhalder going into Reed鈥檚 purse and 鈥淸popping out]鈥 her birth control pills, an event which they said she was filmed 鈥渇reaking out鈥 over shortly after.

Fans were instantly in an uproar, with many taking the tale to heart and pointing out what they perceived to be a violation of Reed鈥檚 rights as a woman to expressly give consent in their quest to conceive.

The A Sunday Horse actress had her own thoughts on the matter, however. She responded to the backlash with several posts to social media that both denied any wrongdoing on the part of her husband and slammed the media for what she called 鈥渋rresponsible journalism.鈥

For all the unsolicited opinions being hurled at the pair, however, the one person who had yet to weigh in on the incident remained Somerhalder. Earlier today, the actor broke his silence, posting a joint statement together with his wife on both his Instagram and Twitter accounts, along with the caption, 鈥淎 note from us!鈥

Unlike Reed鈥檚 fiery reactions, the pair鈥檚 unified comment took a far more apologetic tone, taking ownership for any potential offense they may have caused anyone in a perilous reproductive situation.

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A note from us!

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鈥淭o anyone who has been affected by reproductive coercion, we are deeply sorry,鈥 their note begins. 鈥淭hat is an extremely serious issue, and women鈥檚 rights is something that is incredibly important to both of us. It is something we鈥檝e been very vocal about, and something that鈥檚 close to our hearts.鈥

Still, emphasized, capital letters in their note indicated that the debacle is still a somewhat sore one for the husband and wife team. 鈥淲e never expected a lighthearted interview we did poking fun at EACH OTHER and how WE chose together to get pregnant, a goofy moment in Barcelona with our two best friends and the anticipation of the start of our journey together as we went from two to three, to turn into something representing a very serious matter,鈥 they said.

They continued on, stating that since things have shaken out the way they have, they鈥檙e grateful for the opportunity to call attention to the issue at hand.

鈥淚f this somehow sheds light on a topic that definitely needs mainstream media attention, then we are grateful for the unintended consequence. It鈥檚 a shame that outlets chose this as their way into a very serious discussion, as we are certainly not qualified to be the faces of the subject.鈥

The pair closed their statement with the following line: 鈥淲e are two happily married people who chose TOGETHER to have a baby. The end. Love, Nikki and Ian.鈥

So far, the post has garnered more than 130,000 likes.

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